Traveling to The Netherlands for business? Consider car rental Schiphol

Traveling for business can be quite intense. You need to run from meeting to meeting, preparing your work in your hotel, let alone the travel time itself. To make it more convenient, there are multiple options you can consider. For example, you can decide to purchase a business class ticket. This reduces stress at the airport, with less queuing and good services in the airplane. Upon arrival, you can extend this feeling with car rental Schiphol airport.

Leading service through car rental Schiphol airport

Normally you can rent a car through the Internet before you arrive. Once you get to your destination, you get picked up and go to the car rental office. Here you need to sign documents and you can check the car before you leave. But what if there is a far better alternative? This is what car rental Schiphol airport is promising. The rental takes place at the airport of Amsterdam (Schiphol) and comes with a whole new dimension of service.

Valet car rental

We all know about valet parking. You drive to the entrance and give the keys to a representative who then parks the car safely. The exact same thing can be realised through car rental. When you order your rental car online, you can select the ‘valet’ option. The car will be driven to the front of the airport and will wait upon you arrival. A representative of the rental company will do a quick check before you can drive off to your destination. This makes renting a car far less a hassle.

Any car you like

Depending on your company’s budget and your personal preferences, you can select any car from the catalogue. Want to take a budget car? There are very interesting smaller cars available that can be selected, such as a Mini Cooper. If you want to go for a premium feel, there are many brands to choose from. For example, brands such as Audi and Mercedes are also part of the fleet at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Other Dutch destinations

If you are going to The Netherlands for business and you fly from within Europe, chances are that you will not land at Amsterdam airport. In the southern part of The Netherlands there is the city of Eindhoven, which is home to an increasingly popular airport. The city’s airport is offering competitive prices and delivers these with premium service. Rent a car Eindhoven airport is another possibility you can consider. Since the fixed costs in Eindhoven are lower, the prices of a rental car are also more attractive.

When traveling to The Netherlands consider a rental car as your preferred mode of transport. There are several options, whereof Eindhoven is an attractive option. When you are looking at flights, check which airport is available and book a rental car and start your next trip with valet rental for more convenience.