Spa Living – An Important Real Estate Trend

Spa living is one of the newest trends in real estate and, for David Giunta Newport Beach is perhaps the best place to engage in this type of living. Essentially, it means seeing home life as a holistic element of healthy living. No longer is it simply about a retirement community with a golf course, it is about enabling everybody to enjoy comfortable, healthy living.

What to Expect from Spa Living

There are a number of key features you can expect of spa living. This includes:

  • A fantastic location. Newport Beach, for instance, is right on the ocean.
  • Luxurious facilities like restaurants, concierge services, and swimming pools.
  • Space, so that people can enjoy private time as well.
  • Trained professionals such as physicians and spa therapists. Access to this, as well as lifestyle programs, should be included as part of a monthly payment, in a similar was as that what is payed for living in a gated community.
  • A modern view of health and wellness, taking a holistic approach that goes above and beyond providing people with pharmacological solutions to ill health. Rather, preventative medicine should be practice across the board, including enjoyable physical activities, a focus on proper mental health, and more.

How to Tell whether the Spa Community Is Any Good

One problem that exists, according to David Giuta, is that spa living is now so popular, some unscrupulous property developers and real estate agents list properties as being “spa living”, when they really are not. This is why he has developed a list of questions people should ask if they want to enjoy this type of living and are considering a specific property. Those are:

  1. What are the origins of the community? It is quite common for spa facilities to have been added to existing real estate properties. There is nothing wrong with that, so long as the philosophy behind spa living is something that you can sign up to.
  2. What role does the spa play? The developer should be fully committed to encouraging people to live a healthy, balanced life. It shouldn’t be simply about making a bit of money through massages and the presence of a golf course. It should be about a community coming together to live in a better way.
  3. How is wellness incorporated in daily life? There should be a medical and therapeutic component included in this type of living.
  4. Are the community’s vision for wellness and the offerings of the spa in line with each other? For instance, if the community wants to fight obesity, are healthy eating facilities made available?
  5. Are any unique treatments available? Most spa living facilities have massages, pedicures, and so on. However, really good ones may also have acupuncture, Watsu, and yoga, to name but a few.
  6. What are the credentials of the staff? This is very important as you do need to make sure that everybody is properly trained – and insured – to provide their services as part of spa living.