Key Reasons to Buy into a Vehicle Service Contract

It is hard to imagine that, not too long ago, very few people owned a car. Today, we need them to get to work, to get the children to school, to do groceries, to go on vacation, and even just to have a bit of fun and go for a drive. The problem is that cars continue to be mechanical things, and mechanical things break down. When they do, the cost can be astronomical.

On average, someone will spend some $600 every year on maintenance and repairs for their vehicle. The exact price depends, naturally, on how bad the situation was, which vehicle they drive, where the parts came from, and so on. For instance, someone who drives an Audi A4 will have to pay a whole lot more than someone who drives a Ford Escort. Regardless, however, repairs are never cheap. If your vehicle is brand new, you should be covered, for a certain period of time at least, by the manufacturer’s warranty. But once that expires, you will have to take out a vehicle service contract. This can be offered through dealers who have links to administrators, or you can go directly to an administrator, such as Accelerated Services International (ASI) instead. Essentially, it is a form of insurance that helps you to avoid having to pay for the very expensive repairs.

If you are looking for vehicle service contracts, you will quickly find that there are many different ones available. Some cover mileage, others cover services, others cover parts, some cover all of it. All of them, however, exist to make sure your vehicle, one of your most important assets, is completely protected and that you don’t end up having to pay for expensive repair bills. It protects your car, therefore, as well as your wallet.

Benefits of a Vehicle Service Contract

These contracts are highly affordable. This is particularly true if you take one out through a company like ASI, who has many years of experience in offering high quality contracts. They have a reputation to uphold of being the best of the best, and they make sure they continue to earn that reputation. This is why they work both through dealers and with people directly. While you do have to pay money, it is a lot more affordable than having to pay for a repair yourself.

Secondly, there is a large variety of contracts available. Some even offer bumper to bumper coverage. It is all down to what you need – and what you can afford. If you have a vehicle with very expensive parts, you can even get coverage for that part in particular, thereby securing your investment.

Thirdly, it protects your vehicle and enhances its lifespan. Because your car will be properly protected, you will actually repair it when you need to, thereby keeping it in good condition. This will also significant reduce overall wear and tear. Plus, since you will have certain responsibilities such as regularly servicing your vehicle as well, any defects that are about to appear will be picked up rapidly.

Last but not least, a car with a vehicle service contract is worth more. You usually have to pay for the full contract up front. Hence, if you were to sell your vehicle, it could include a period of coverage as well, thereby increasing its value.