Shop Second Hand: Save For Your Dreams

There are more important things in life than money: love, happiness, travel, the things you’ve always dreamed about. But when you have a few extra dollars saved in the bank, it’s a lot easier to do those things. It’s not a big bank account that you want, it’s traveling the world, going on adventures in exotic locations, and finding love in the most romantic cities in the world. Whether it’s enjoying wine on the banks of the Seine or finding the trends in Shibuya, you’ve got a lot of dreams to pay for.

Too many people give up on dreams like this because they think they don’t earn enough money. You can make a little go a long way if you know how to save, though, and with that airplane ticket on your mind, you won’t lack for motivation. Besides cutting out overpriced brunches and staying in more often, shopping second hand can also help you save money on essentials and extras. Use your local classifieds to find second hand everything and start saving. Here are some ideas for the budget-conscious dreamer:

#1 Textbooks

When you’re in school, everyone prepares you for the high cost of tuition and rent, but what no one mentions is just how expensive textbooks can be. The good news is, they’re only good for about a year, so students are always selling them once they’ve finished the class or graduated. University bookstores buy back used textbooks and put a big markup on them for resale; you can save more and the student selling can earn more by going independently. Thanks to classified sites like Kijiji, it’s easier to connect than ever.

#2 Furniture

People sell off their furniture for all kinds of reasons: they’ve moved into a smaller home or apartment, they upgraded to a nicer couch, they found a vintage wood coffee table. Sometimes, people even give away perfectly good, functional furniture. When you’re outfitting your apartment, shop second hand furniture online and cut down on a major household expense.

#3 Used Cars

Depending on where you live, driving might be more of a necessity than a luxury, but that doesn’t mean you should be shelling out for a new car, especially if you’re trying to save. A car is not an investment; as soon as you buy it, it loses value, and new cars lose a lot of value in the first few years. Buying a used car will save you thousands of dollars, and with everyone from owners to dealers listing their vehicles online, you don’t have to look too hard to find great deals.

#4 Side Hustle

Besides finding affordable second-hand goods online with sites like Kijiji, you can also earn money for your trip by flexing your side hustle muscles. The online economy has created all kinds of opportunities for people to earn extra money working casual gigs on top o their regular job. A side hustle should have low investment costs, be flexible (so that when your regular job gets busy, you’re not losing sleep), and interest you. From baking to website building, there are plenty of ways to get entrepreneurial online and earn extra money when you’re trying to save.