Pokies vs Slots

What is a Pokie 

First off, nothing surprises me when it comes to the Aussies and their outrageous slang when it comes to describing certain things such as promotions and offers. Who knows how they come up with some of the words, we reckon a good guess would be because of the heat or maybe because of the fact that living on the Australian continent comes with its own set of obstacles, like how almost every creature is trying to kill you or has the ability to if they wanted.

The Australians are known for abbreviating almost every word imaginable and they have not let us down with this one. Noyone really knows where or how the term “Pokie” originated but one thing’s for sure, it comes from down under mate. One of the most accurate guesses would have to be because of the poker machine, which as you might have noted, can easily be abbreviated to the word pokie. You would be forgiven if you had not noticed this as the word poker machines are actually more like a slot machine than an actual video poker machine. 

What Are Slots 

The world as we know it, and society in general have somewhat of a knack for creating explicit slang terms for everyday objects, most of the time these are usually either a play on words or a plain old abbreviation. No matter the reason, there are millions of slang terms worldwide and it seems as though the urban dictionary is set to grow exponentially.

The term slots was obviously coined from the word slot machine, which is what the game is referred to as all around the globe, with the exception of those ostentatious Aussies of course. 

Slots go my many names, which include, among a myriad of others, fruit machines, the one armed bandit or even puggies, which is what they seem to call them in Scotland, yet another group of people who have hilarious accents. 

What is the Difference 

To be brutally honest, there is actually no difference between the two. Both are what we normally like to call slot machines. For some reason and who knows why exactly, the human race just absolutely loves to make up names. My guess is that this is purely in the name of fun, when a word gets used frequently people tend to get bored and everyone likes to be different, hence, no matter where you travel in the world, you are bound to hear phrases or words you have never come across. This is probably due to a few different reasons. One theory would have to be because of the dialect used in that specific region while another which is equally as plausible is just to be unique, either way it adds a little bit of diversity to a game that is exactly the same the world over.