Why SXS Exhaust Systems Are So Well Made

All-terrain utility vehicles, particularly side by side UTVs, offer extreme practicality for farmers, hunters, recreational enthusiasts and other outdoor adventurers who need to cover a lot of ground — while carrying stores of gear. Many owners also choose to update and accessorize their rides. The list of potential SXS parts and accessories can cover several pages, starting with the critical exhaust system; you just have to decide where you want to draw the line. Consider the following practical and performance-driven aftermarket goods as starting points to add before you hit your next trail.

What SXS Parts and Accessories You Should Be Getting This Holiday Season

Performance upgrades should top your UTV aftermarket part holiday list. Install exhaust replacements first to boost your riding experience; these can give the most bang for your buck in extreme conditions. Other upgrades are especially important if your vehicle has covered many dirty miles over many years. These upgrades can include the following:

SXS tires


Drivetrain sections

Fuel and air components

Engine pieces

Additionally, consider purchasing other practical SXS parts and accessories such as trailers and winches.

How an SXS Exhaust Is Made

An exhaust upgrade can both enhance SXS performance and make a statement. Unlike the exhaust units that come standard, most aftermarket SXS exhaust components are engineered or tuned specifically to increase power, alter engine sounds, or both. Exhaust system manufacturers selectively build their products using high-quality materials, like carbon fiber and metal alloys, and they focus their engineering efforts to attain the desired results; UTV companies design exhaust units primarily to meet noise regulations and eliminate spark expulsions.

What Exhaust Upgrades To Consider

You can follow two exhaust upgrade paths: install a full exhaust replacement unit or add a slip-on piece. Full-unit systems include pipes, called headers, that exhaust first passes through; a mid-pipe section that channels the gasses to their exit points; mufflers that modify and reduce engine sounds; and tailpipes, the endpieces that provide the final style statement. Slip-on parts generally include only the muffler and tailpipe section. Adding a slip-on piece can provide a sound (and sound-level increase) that appeals to you; replacing the whole exhaust while adjusting fuel calibration will increase horsepower output.

What Other Improvement Choices Are Worthwhile

Once you have made a statement by upgrading your exhaust system, you should look to accessorizing for practicality. Consider two essential purchases before you find yourself in a bind. A quality trailer package will provide down-the-road utility since you never know when you will need to take your UTV to a new location. While getting to a destination is important, getting out of a sticky situation can be just as invaluable. A winch may prove a lifesaver if you find yourself stuck in the mud or in a rut where you find yourself spinning your wheels.

SXS parts and accessories for your UTV will provide numerous options for personalizing the machine. Accessorizing can provide performance upgrades, maintenance fixes or practical improvements. By making a list and checking it twice, you can itemize and prioritize your needs in ways that enhance your trail and field rides.