Planning a Wedding? Factors to Consider Based on Location

Many people plan their wedding day from a young age. Some people pick their dress out before they meet their dream partner, while others wait to find their perfect match before they start planning. In any case, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. This means it should be given the right care and attention throughout the planning process to ensure it is perfect on the day. A main aspect to consider during this planning is location, which can influence many other parts of your wedding. In fact, there are some key factors to consider based on location when you are searching for somewhere to hold it.

Does it hold meaning?

Wedding days are full of sentiment and thoughtful touches, and this has never been truer than when you are choosing your location. Lots of people pick a place that the couple hold close to their hearts, whereas others may choose to follow in their parents’ footsteps by getting married in the same location they did. However, it is also perfectly normal to not follow this route. Your wedding day will become special anyway, so it’s up to you to decide the kind of emotional flair you’d like to bring to your big day.

The weather

Arguably one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding is knowing how the weather will turn out on the day. If you live in an area where the weather is indecisive, it may be no surprise that you pick a location which boasts sunny skies and warm temperatures all year round. Havens like La Jolla are ideal for weddings, due to the weather boasting few risks. La Jolla weather is consistent all year round, giving you good flexibility on when to hold it. You could even choose to host it outdoors, where there is nothing better than the sun shining down on you as you celebrate.

Local venues

These days, it is common for people to host their wedding in a neighbouring state when their local area has few options for wedding venues. Having a venue planned for the ceremony and the reception is key, and you should consider that your guests need to feel both comfortable and amazed by their scenery. If you are looking for a great venue on a budget, DC wedding venues are often the perfect choice for many eager couples.


Whether you are holding a large or a small wedding, the fact remains that it must be easily accessible for all your family and friends. This is especially true when you have older family members that you are hoping will attend. Ideally, you should choose somewhere that your wedding guests can afford to come to, and which won’t take too much time out of their busy schedule. It is also wise to ensure your location isn’t isolated by rocky terrain, as this can pose many safety problems for those trying to reach you on the day.