How Police Car Technology is Improving Safety

Police car technology has come a long way over the last decade, and now there are many on-board gadgets at an officer’s disposal. While sometimes a subject of controversies, such as the rise of criminals being able to track where police cars are located due to the GPS systems used, the overall effect of police car technology is improving public and officer safety. This guide gives an overview of police car technology and the advantages they bring.

Radio Consoles

Police cars have two-way radio consoles, which allow communication between officers easily and quickly, and also communication to and from their headquarters. This handy technology allows them to find out information rapidly, and be able to work effectively as a team.

Video Recording Equipment

Video recording systems are common in police cars. They help to capture evidence that can be used to convict criminals, and they can also be used to record the behavior of criminals that are under arrest and have been placed in the backseat.

Computer Systems

Police officers have a laptop computer in their vehicles, usually attached to a swivel mount, which allows them to check several databases, upload photographic evidence and complete paperwork while on location. It also allows them to identify suspects and process an arrest quickly.

Warning Systems

Warning systems on police cars are to alert the public of its presence. It is very important to make sure that drivers are aware of an approaching police car, so they are able to pull over to let it past safely.

Warning systems include a police siren, which is an audible system that works by air being pushed through small holes to create a high and low alternating sound. There are also light bars that flash red, blue and white lights to provide a visual warning.

Backseat Safety

For the safety of police officers and arrested suspects, the back seat of a police vehicle is separated from the front by a protective screen or steel grid. This prevents suspects from tampering with the vehicle or being aggressive toward a police officer while they are driving. It also keeps the suspect safe as they are prevented from harming themselves in some way as they are safely contained and unable to perform dangerous behaviors.

Life-Saving Equipment

Police cars usually have first aid equipment so an officer can treat an injury. As well as first aid kit basics, technology such as defibrillators may sometimes be installed, as well as fire extinguishers and life buoys. It can help save lives in different situations.

Police cars are miles away from the models of the past and are now like mini policing units with equipment that does a number of different jobs. As police car technology continues to improve, it not only helps police officers do their jobs more efficiently, but it also means they are prepared for almost any situation. It helps to keep police officers and the public safe, whether on the road, gathering evidence to prosecute criminals to get them off the streets, or helping people who need life-saving equipment.