PGP Encryption Is Easier To Use Than Ever

As concerns over online privacy and increased surveillance reach new levels thanks to the growing cost of cybercrime and increased surveillance, alongside the increased availability of end-to-end encryption services that make it easy for end-users, there has never been a better time to become a PGP encryption reseller than now.

PGP encryption relies on the use of encryption keys to keep emails protected from prying eyes: one private and one public. The private key is unique to the mobile device, known only to the user, while the public key is used by the recipient to make that sender’s emails readable. PGP encryption users who rely on a service such as the one provided by Myntex don’t need the technological knowledge to create their own encryption keys; the service makes encryption intuitive and easy to use. Here’s how it works:

  • A BlackBerry phone is stripped of all apps and features that are vulnerable to malware, such as Facebook
  • A PGP encrypted SIM card can be activated in minutes if they’ve been pre-purchased; resellers can buy SIM cards from vendors like Myntexfor a discount with the knowledge that they will be completely compatible
  • The user simply has to log into their device and then login to their email to send emails protected by end-to-end encryption

Who Uses PGP Encryption?

Anyone with a responsibility to clients, vendors, journalistic sources, or customers to keep sensitive data private should be using PGP encryption and many are quickly adopting the technology in order to live up to these responsibilities. PGP encryption is used by a wide range of journalists and businesses, especially where confidentiality or federal regulations require greater protection against breaches or surveillance. It’s also used by individuals who value the privacy of their online communications, so demand for the technology is growing rapidly alongside concerns over individual and professional rights to privacy.

With many national governments in the West and the rest of the world giving law enforcement and intelligence communities increased power to spy on their own citizens, journalists who report on those very governments have become concerned about their ability to protect their sources. Anyone who does business or reports on governments may be exposed by surveillance unless they rely on superior privacy technology. For businesses, corporate espionage is also a concern, and designs and patents should all be sent with security in mind. People are beginning to realize that sending unencrypted emails is no less risky than throwing confidential papers into the recycling without a thought to shredding them.

Becoming a PGP encryption reseller is easy with a one-stop vendor that offers white labeling, 24-hour support, and relies exclusively on their own data center. Another thing to look for is an easy-to-use reseller portal such as the one recently launched by Myntex which makes it easy for resellers to the manage their customers and payments to the vendor.

PGP encryption appeals to a wide range of privacy-concerned users and as a local reseller, you can poise your business to help those who have an obligation or a desire to protect their communications from spying, surveillance, and the long reach of cybercriminals.