Making a pet-friendly home

Your four-legged friends, as well as the products you will require in order to keep them properly fed and entertained, might mess with your personal style at some point or the other. We all know how tedious it can be to try to find some room for cat beds or cat scratchers.

To make it slightly easier for you to manage the requirements of creating a petfriendly environment that feels and looks good for both you and your companion, we’ve put together a list of simple tips and tricks you might want to consider.


The fact is that both cats and dogs might accidentally scratch your floors, so hardwood might not be such a good idea. Compared to this alternative, options like stone, concrete, or porcelain tiles are far better. If you do have hardwood floors installed in your home, what you can do is to clean any puddles as quickly as possible so as to ensure that the wood doesn’t stain or warp.

Ceramic tiles, as well as other choices like concrete and stone, can be kept clean and are usually scratch-resistant. However, polished ones can be more or less slippery, which might be a problem for aging cats and dogs. You can add several rubber mats or area rugs for safety purposes.

Neutral colors

If your rooms are designed in neutral colors, you should try to purchase gear made for pets that boasts the same looks. Seagrass mats, as well as neutral-color sisal, can be found up for sale pretty much everywhere, whether online or offline, and they’re usually budget-friendly enough for you to afford them.

Extending the life of your carpets and upholstery

One thing that we have to note is that keeping your pet’s nails trimmed as best and regularly as possible is the right way of going about things both for the things you have in your home and for the animal.

Long claws in dogs are a major issue, especially if they don’t get to spend a lot of time outdoors, and so the likelihood of them getting worn out naturally are minimal. Besides, if they get too long, the dog won’t be able to walk properly, and that’s mostly due to the pain. Think of it this way. If your foot nails are too long, you can’t wear your shoes comfortably. The same goes for your pets each time they take a step.

The point that we are trying to make is that the best method of ensuring that your upholstery and carpets aren’t damaged is to keep your pet’s nails trimmed all the time.

Pet-safe fabrics

There are a lot of chemicals that can be used in furniture, so before buying anything, you should check whether the items are safe for your companions. On top of that, there are several materials that are easier to clean and more durable compared to others, and one of them is good old denim. Canvas and Crypton super fabrics are two other choices in this respect.