Los Angeles Medicinal Marijuana Grow Laws

Medical cannabis has been legal in California for a while, but thanks to new adult use laws, cannabis delivery is not just for medical marijuana consumers anymore.  These days, it is so easy to get weed delivery Los Angeles cannabis enthusiasts do not even have to grow their own plants at home.  For those with a green thumb, though, growing your own cannabis is even better than buying it.  Despite the more lenient laws, there are still some restrictions on the growing of cannabis plants in California.

Six Plants Per Household

Adult use means that cannabis is only legal for people ages 21 and older, and this rule also applies to growing.  If you are of age, you can grow up to six marijuana plants.  Some cities require you to grow the plants indoors and prohibit outdoor growing.  Even when your plants are very fruitful, do not show off their abundance in public.  The maximum amount of marijuana you can carry in public is 28.5 grams.  If you must show off your very fertile pot plants, invite your friends to your house to see your (up to six) beautiful plants.

Why Only Six Plants?

It is only legal to grow cannabis for personal use.  Six plants will produce more than enough cannabis even for the most industrious brownie baker.  It is not legal to sell cannabis unless you are a licensed cannabis dispensary, and dispensaries have their own set of rules.

Another reason for the restriction is an environmental one.  Growing more than six cannabis plants indoors would require a whole lot of water.  California voters have decided that individual cannabis growers should be allowed to use enough water for six cannabis plants, but not more.

It is legal to grow cannabis in California, but only six plants and only indoors.