How to Reach More People On Facebook

Facebook is a fantastic tool for businesses which gives them the chance to grow their brand to a huge amount of people, create stronger sales online and ultimately to move one step closer to their clients through being involved in this massive online community.

In recent years however, Facebook have changed their algorithm so that people can get a better service form Facebook and that users receive much more specific and tailor-made information. This meant that organic reach for business’ posts decreased and we had to change the way we did things. Having tested some methods out on the page of my friend Apparao Mukkamala I have cracked the code in terms of reaching more people on Facebook, and here is how.


Facebook shows your stuff to the people who it thinks will care the most about it, it determines that based on who actively engages with you across the social platform. In order to build this network of ‘caring’ people, you need to be actively engaging with everyone who comments or likes content which you produce. One of the best ways to do this is to use calls to action, these are posts which encourage the user to comment or engage with a piece of content such as ‘ Which of these do you like best’? Though this engagement you will build up trusting relationships and Facebook will recognize that.

Understanding Media

Internal videos get the widest reach on Facebook followed by images and then external content and you should be mixing up the type of content which you are producing. Videos may not get a link back to your website but they can help to grow your brand and bring in more sales. If you are sharing a link then why not share a video and place a link in the comments or in the status section of the post in order to reach people and promote your link at the same time.

Create Partnerships

Creating mutually beneficial partnerships with fellow brands or influencers online can give you a great chance to reach a wider audience on Facebook and ultimately boost your organic reach. This is something that is simple to do and can have a huge impact on how many new and reachable followers you can attract.


Many people seem to think that the use of hashtags are dead but in my experience this could not be further from the truth. If you want to grow your community and reach more people then hashtags are a great way in which to do it gry na prawdziwe pieniądze. The reason for this is that many are using Facebook like a search engine for topical issues and events, when they place search terms in the search box, Facebook uses key words and hashtags when it decides what results to give, using hashtags on your posts means that you cold feature when people place search terms and your engagement and reach could grow very quickly.