Jeffrey W. Lupient: Tips for the budding CEO

It would be fair to say that we are now in an era where becoming a CEO is “fashionable”. In other words, young people don’t necessarily want to become the next big football star, but they are instead turning towards the business environment.

This is something that Jeffrey W. Lupient has most certainly recognized. For those unaware, Jeff Lupient is the CEO of Lupient Minneapolis with over ten years of managerial experience to his name. Much of this has come in the Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota region but as we all know – experience as a CEO tends to translate to places high and wide, all over the world.

Taking this into account, we have charged Jeffrey Lupient with the task of delivering the best tips to those young people who are looking to become a CEO. Let’s now take a look at some of his advice in-detail.

Build your personal brand

If you are looking to break into the “CEO club” at a young age, there’s no doubt that you need to enhance your personal brand. This is something that Jeff Lupient knows all too much about, and he counts it as one of his most important tips.

When we talk about a personal brand, it refers to what others see you as. It refers to the principles that you echo, and generally how others perceive you. Ultimately, don’t try and be closed – you need others to recognize all of your talents so that you will be considered for those high positions as soon as an opportunity arises.

Be wary of who you work under

Suffice to say, if you have the opportunity to work under someone like Jeff Lupient MN from a young age, you should seize it with both hands. Your personal development will be affected immensely if you have the opportunity to work under great leaders. Slowly but surely, you will start to pick up their traits, but also understand how they react in certain situations.

Not only that, but it stands to reason that better opportunities are going to fall your way as well. It might be within the company that you currently work for, or it might be from another organization who might have seen that you have worked under some of the best leaders in the area.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Finally, don’t be afraid to turn to risk taking. Some might see this as reckless, but according to Jeff Lupient this is only the case if you don’t calculate your risks.

In most organizations, especially nowadays, failure is seen as a learning curve. Sure, some mistakes are bigger than others, but it’s the reaction to these failures that can really shape a person. Nevertheless, a lot of experienced people opt to avoid any sort of risk, and this will immediately disqualify them for running for any high positions.  Start taking risks from a young age, and your stock within your industry will soon start to soar.