Victoria J Mondloch on Why She Loves Being a Doctor

Doctors are a profession which we will always talk about in glowing terms because of the marvelous work which they do in saving and improving lives. These are the creme de la creme of the medical world and they are men and women who command the utmost fo respect from the community. Naturally doctors go into the profession for different reasons, but why do they enjoy the job so much? We were fortunate enough to catch up with the incredible Dr Victoria J Mondloch here in Waukesha, Wisconsin, to find out exactly why she loves being a doctor so much. To give you a bit of background, Dr Mondloch is a highly respected doctor here in the state of Wisconsin, she specializes in family medicine and gynecology and she sits on the board of directors and has even made contributions to the Medical Journal, such is her influence and level of excellence in what she does.


Victoria J Mondloch starts off by telling us that one of the key reasons why she loves being a doctor so much is because of the fact that very rarely are two days the same. This variety is what keeps testing and challenging her, as she says that she is never sure what will come through the door next. Many people can get bored in their jobs when they are always the same, especially someone with the intelligent mind of a doctor. Variety for Victoria is one of her favorite aspects of being a doctor.

Curing and Saving

For Dr Victoria J Mondloch, she has been given a gift from God, the gift of using her hands and her brain to save lives, and this is one of her main reasons for loving her job. Victoria admits that there are many times when she feels tired or under pressure and these are the moments which she dislikes the most, even in these moments however, a successful treatment of cancer or a lifesaving diagnosis instantly cures her woes and reminds her exactly why she became a doctor in the first place, and why she will continue to work hard each day to keep doing the job she loves.


An aspect of the job which Victoria says that she has began to love in the last few years, since she achieved more senior status in the hospital, has been educating those around her and watching young doctors overcome their fears and their own individual challenges as they learn their craft. Much of the reason as to why she enjoys this aspect of her job so much is because she too can remember being a scared young doctor, and being able to count on the advice of senior members of staff. Now that Dr Victoria can add her skills and experience to teaching these young men and women, she has found another branch of the job from which she takes a great deal of enjoyment.