Bonworth Discusses the Demographics of Henderson, NC

Bonworth is this country’s best known and most famous mother-daughter store. Their BeBonworthBeautiful slogan is heard all over the country. However, the store actually hails from Henderson, NC, a small town in the North Carolina mountains. Here, the store has made a huge positive impact on the community, increasing its percentage of female workers, offering sales and friendly prices, engaging in promotional activities for the community, and more. It is no surprise, therefore, that you will be hard pushed to find anything but five star reviews and positive testimonials about this particular company! Because they care so much about Henderson, NC, they felt it was time that people go to know it a little bit better.

Bonworth on the Henderson Demographics

Under leadership of COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar, it is very important that a business always stays true to its roots. No matter how engaged Bonworth becomes with the rest of the country, and even the world, therefore, they will always be from humble Bonworth backgrounds and they are proud of that. According to the 2010 Census, Henderson was home to some 15.368 people, most of whom had heard of Bonworth. The city is also Vance County, NC’s county seat.

The city gained its name after Leonard Henderson, a Supreme Court Chief Justice at the North Carolina judiciary system. He lived close to the area and befriended Lewis Reavis, an early settle. In 1842, the North Carolina General Assembly chartered Henderson officially. Before 1881, when Vance County was created, Henderson was part of Granville County instead.

Henderson is a tiny city, but it is very densely populated. In fact, it is 890% more densely populated than the state of North Carolina’s average and 1,878% more densely populated than the average in the country. It is a reasonably diverse community, although 75% of residents were born in the state and just 7% were foreign born. 62.48% of the population is African American and 30.65% is Caucasian. It is also a young town, with the average age being 6% lower than the state average. This is of particular importance to Bonworth, who focus on mothers and daughters in particular.

The city’s median income is $23,745 for a household and $30,222 for families. Men do earn an average of $7,000 per year more than women. This is something that Bonworth is trying to address by increasing its female workforce as much as possible. Unfortunately, 28.3% of the entire population lives below the poverty line, 40.5% of which are younger than 18. COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar hopes that, by increasing employment opportunities for women in particular, this can be addressed.

Henderson’s median property value stands at $95,000, and there is a 40.3% homeownership rate, which is good. On average, people need to commute 20.8 minutes to get to work, and, on average, every household has one car. Again, these are things that Bonworth would like to see improve, rendering the city more affluent overall, which will benefit the entire community.