Is VenaSeal a Reliable Varicose Veins Treatment Option?

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Recent advancements in medicine have rendered vein stripping surgery a less popular, an invasive, an archaic, and ineffective option for varicose vein treatment. Currently, varicose vein patients opt for treatment options that are over 90 percent effective, require less time or no recovery time, and are non-invasive. Some of these popular and advanced treatment options include laser therapy, endovenous laser treatment, and sclerotherapy. Your vein doctor in his office can perform nearly all these procedures during your lunch break.

VenaSeal is one of the new and most advanced treatment options for varicose veins. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2015. During clinical trials, the FDA experts found that VenaSeal is a safe and highly effective treatment for varicose veins. This has always been good news for the patients battling with superficial bulging veins.

How does it work?

During the VenaSeal procedure, your vein doctor or a physician will first take an ultrasound of a limited area around the bulging veins. This is essential for the creation of a map of your damaged or bulging veins. Note that the ultrasounds allow the medical practitioner to spot and map out all the damaged blood veins for effective treatment because not all bulging veins are visible via your skin.

Once your doctor has mapped out all the varicose veins, he or she will administer a local anesthetic that will numb the area that should be treated. Then, the doctor will insert a thin catheter into the damaged veins. This catheter is used to administer a specially designed glue to seal the bulging vein. This will prevent blood from entering these veins in the future.

By successfully emptying the bulging veins and preventing blood from flowing into these veins, the patient’s varicose veins will completely disappear. Consider consulting with a reputable facility such as Advanced Vein Therapy that offers Venaseal treatment.

Benefits of VenaSeal treatment

According to experts, VenaSeal treatment has some benefits over other treatment options for varicose veins. First, a VenaSeal procedure may be effective enough to eradicate varicose veins. Nearly all other treatment options might require multiple procedures before veins can disappear completely. Besides, VenaSeal doesn’t require you to wear compression stockings after the procedure. And finally, the procedure doesn’t involve large surgical incisions, use of heat, or even anesthesia. Therefore, recovering from such a procedure takes a short time, and it’s painless.


The VenaSeal procedure has proven to be safe during clinical trials and got approved in 2015 by the FDA. However, the procedure isn’t safe for people who are allergic to the special glue used in the treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo some tests before you undergo the procedure. This way, your doctor will determine whether or not you are allergic to the glue.

Note that VenaSeal is effective when it comes to the treatment of superficial veins including face veins and spider veins that haven’t progressed into deep vein thrombosis. According to experts, the procedure is less effective for large bulging veins.