How to Pick a Right Couch Set

A couch set is an eye-catching feature of a living room. Choosing the right one can be very confusing and stressful, so how can you do that effectively? Designers give professional advice on the proper designing solution, material type, and other useful tips for making the right choice.

Sofas of Different Styles

While choosing a perfect living room couch set, you need to take into account the pre-existing atmosphere and arrangement inside your home. Some classic models are manufactured only to match certain interior styles. Below  are suggestions and useful tips on how to pick the best  furniture  and examples on how to transform your interior with the best and fitting   couch set for your home and interior designs

Art Dуco

This fashion is matched with floral soft lines, natural materials, and eclectic elements. It has a lot in common with shabby-chic, modern, and loft. At these interiors, decide on models with:

  • twisted armrests;

  • crooked couch legs;

  • fabric with ornaments;

  • round and half-round forms.

Suitable sofa sets with couches are «Chesterfield» and «Bridgewater». The Paramus MegaFurniture catalog includes these sofas, don’t miss your perfect chance of getting them at an affordable price.

Country & Provans

These two designing solutions are simple and cozy. They also often look romantic and cheerful. Small details like embroidery, prints, and wooden parts are important there. Checkered fabrics of light shades will be a good choice. The back and legs can be crooked and have decorative elements throughout the wood.

Modern Classics

Rooms of this style are practically convenient, they have bright color accents and minimalistic decorative elements. At such designs, a sofa usually has:

  • straight lines on legs and contours;

  • removable back and seat cushions;

  • nude colors without embroideries.

This design shares similar elements with Hi-tech and Scandinavian ones. Frequently-used models are «Slipper» and «Camelback». You can find well-designed beautiful models of these variants on Paramus MegaFurniture too.

Variety of Available Materials

They are different materials for kitchens, living rooms, and offices to take into consideration. Read below to know which variants are universal and which ones are specific and unique for certain interiors and arrangements.

Leather Sectional Sofas

It is a nice choice for offices and spacious living rooms, which makes the interior look rich and elegant. They are often chosen because of their convenience. Sections can be removed and set back anytime. The only disadvantage despite its numerous advantages is that the room may look too cold and dull. This construction and arrangement is a good idea for a lounge, but not for a nursery or nursery-related environment.

Cotton Couch

This material is eco-friendly and nice on the touch. Also, the price for a sofa set of cotton and flax is low. The disadvantage of these fabrics is their thinness, which makes them short-lived. Another thing to consider is the difficulty in cleaning this material due to its delicate composition. All the smells and leftovers are often trapped in the furniture, and you’ll need more time cleaning them.

Flock Sofa Models

It is loose, velvety, and has a very rigid structure. It can imitate velour, chenille, and suede. It has strong waterproof protection and is extremely durable for mechanical damages. It is bright, soft, and cheaper compared to other variants. But note that it is popular for its ability to attract dust and absorb smells This should be put into consideration when making a decision.

Where to Buy a Sofa

While comparing buying options of available sofa sets online with offline stores, the benefits of Internet shopping are numerous. There are no noisy consultants and unneeded suggestions. On our website, you can buy a sofa set fast and conveniently.

In the catalog, there are constructions of different materials, forms, and packages. Many sets include armchairs and bean-bag chairs. If you are experiencing difficulty in the decision or finding decision making stressful and tedious, you can ask our managers for help, they are always ready to help and equipped with professional knowledge and vast experience. According to your design project and desire, they will suggest some ideas and advise a fitting size and style for your desire and budget. Go to Paramus MegaFurniture to find a perfectly suitable interior detail.