Reasons for the popularity of Escape Hour

Most people in Edmonton and Calgary live busy lives. As a result, they struggle to find a balance between caring for their kids, maintaining a strong work-life balance. Our responsibilities are growing daily and people need an escape, one that takes little or no planning.

Escape Room In Edmonton

Escape rooms such as the ones found in Escape Hour offers a perfect opportunity to distance yourself from your normal daily routine and experience something unique.

Have you ever dreamed about living life as a different person? Why not try a question at escape hour in Calgary or Edmonton where you can become a movie character or book character for an hour and immerse yourself in a unique and challenging experience? Whether you’re trying to escape from a prison, avoid a zombie apocalypse or stop your spaceship from being overtaken by aliens, the questions we offer are truly extraordinary and provide such lifelike experiences that people cannot help what they plan on their next visit.

Escape Hour is much more than virtual reality rather than spending your time staring at a computer screen you have to actively use your physical and intellectual intelligence and partake in different scenarios to overcome the tasks you face.

Another reason for the popularity of Escape Hour in Calgary or Edmonton is that most people enjoy games. The sense of achievement, accomplishment and rewards that you get when you succeed in a game is something that is part of our human nature. We love success, rewards and being praised.

Real Games

The escape rooms you find Escape Hour in Edmonton and Calgary will pique your natural curiosity. Most of us are born curious, and when we stumble across the mystery, it’s natural for us to want to solve it. Once you figure out one problem in the escape room, you’ll soon discover that there’s another one waiting. This makes the complexity of escape from us so addictive to the stage where we have people visiting nearly every weekend.

We also provide secure locker rooms to ensure anyone visiting our escape rooms doesn’t have to worry about their belongings. All you have to do is work with your team to ensure you solve the mysteries in your face. Let’s escape our spin you with a sense of confidence the rooms we have designed: they’re suitable for people of every background age, sex, size and height. You don’t have to worry about your physical abilities, qualifications or knowledge, all we ask is that you enter with an open mind and give it your best.