How to Modernize an Outdated Bedroom

Updating an outdated bedroom doesn’t have to be complex or time consuming. It often only takes a few simple changes to transform a room’s design. So, if you are in desperate need of a style upgrade, we are providing superb advice on how to modernize an outdated bedroom.

Change the Color Scheme

Transform a bedroom’s design by adding a fresh coat of paint. Keep a room modern with a light and bright color, which will add space and light into the bedroom. Look for a shade that will emphasize a room’s architectural details, which will draw the eye to them when a person enters the room.

Make the Bed the Focal Point

As a bed takes up a considerable amount of space in the bedroom, you should select a style that creates a beautiful focal point. For example, you can snuggle up with a good book in a contemporary, comfortable bed, which will make you feel happy to be home. If you are unsure where to look, we recommend finding a modern queen beds collection online to inspire you before you update old décor.

Add a Splash of Color

If you decide to paint the walls in a light, neutral shade, you should consider adding a much-needed burst of color into a bedroom. It will add warmth and personality to a space, which will prevent the bedroom looking clinically cold. We therefore recommend selecting one or two bright colors and blend different hues across your bedding, artwork, and decorative accents.

Add Texture with Accent Pillows

A simple and affordable way to update an outdated interior design is to add some bright and bold accent pillows, which can add texture and color to a modern space. They will create an inviting area that will make you long to curl up in bed, and they can also help to shift the balance of color across the bedroom. Pick different sized luxury pillows and patterns to add a little shape and personality to a space, too.

Create a Feature Wall

Is a bedroom looking a little tired and lifeless? Bring it back to life by adding a beautiful feature wall that you can enjoy for many years to come. Apply wallpaper to a single wall, or a wall section, to draw the eye to a beautiful pattern. What’s more, you will not have to paper the whole room to update the space.

Hang Artwork

Do you want to avoid frequently redecorating your bedroom? If so, we suggest investing in beautiful artwork, which will provide a timeless style that you can enjoy long into the future. So, while your wallpaper and furniture might change over the years, your artwork will always remain the same.

Install Modern Lighting

Add a touch of modernity into a room by swapping your unfashionable fixtures with contemporary lighting, such as a freeform pendant to a sleek bedside lamp. We also recommend removing your old fluorescent light bulbs for a warming LED light bulb, which can create a romantic ambience whilst cutting back on your energy bills.