6 Key Elements to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Taking your business to the world wide web involves a lot more than building a website that says you’re open for business. If you’re going to reach your target audience, you’ll need to develop a digital marketing campaign that caters to them and reflects your brand. Digital marketing is essentially promoting your product and/or service over the internet. To master a campaign, you must integrate layers of marketing concepts that all work together to send your message. Here are a few elements to consider:

1.  Website

Many would agree that at the core of any successful marketing campaign is a great website. When designed properly, a website should help to boost other marketing efforts and ultimately sell your products or services. Some choose to work with an internet marketing firm to create a website that is geared towards today’s online landscape. A website that is interactive, current, easy to navigate, and engaging will help increase web traffic.

2.  Emails

Email marketing is another digital marketing component that should be included in your campaign. Sending messages and advertisements to consumer inboxes provides a more direct channel of communication than other platforms. Whether you send newsletters, coupons, videos, thank you cards, or personal messages, email marketing allows you send messages to a large group of customers in seconds. When done effectively, email marketing campaigns can help boost credibility, drive traffic, educate and entertain your audience, and build a direct relationship with them.

3. Content

Today’s consumers are more inclined to do research online as a means of making more informed decisions. If your company is not generating the right content, there isn’t really a need for consumers to want to visit your website, let alone conduct business with you. Content, whether through blog posts, emails, tweets, or on a website can help you to capture the attention of potential buyers and convert them to sales. Great content should reflect the brand, share current and relevant information, and be factual and original.

4.  SEO

Most internet users begin their research by typing key terms and phrases into their favorite search engine. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of increasing traffic to your website based on organic search results. When done properly, keywords and phrases related to your industry, product, and brand are strategically used throughout your digital content as a gateway to reaching your target audience worldwide. When viewed by search engines, organic and genuine content is sifted and ranked to provide authentic results related to online searches.

5.  Social Media

Though word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get new business, many people are changing how they spread the word. Social media is a platform used by millions daily to communicate with friends, family members and the general public. As a business, social media should be a prime focus to developing closer relationships with potential customers and develop your brand. From sharing photos on Instagram to answering consumer complaints on Facebook, social media marketing is a platform that allows you to meet the needs of your audience directly while managing your brand’s image.

6.  Videos

Did you know that a third of all online activity is watching videos? Or how about the fact that a billion users are on YouTube every day? Video marketing is a huge part of digital marketing and is quickly becoming the most direct and engaging way to get a message across. Whether you embed intro videos on your company website, funny videos on your social media page, or how to guides on your blog, you can garner a new level of closeness and respect from your target audience.

There’s no getting away from the fact that we live in a digital age. If you’re going to succeed in business today, it is imperative for you to implement a strong digital marketing campaign. Your marketing campaign should effectively introduce your brand to the world and continually manage and evolve your brand’s online presence. When you incorporate various methods of digital marketing, you can reach more potential buyers and set yourself apart from the competition.