How To Find The Right Style For You

Style is about more than throwing on whatever clothes happen to be handy in an attractive manner. It is about exuding the image of yourself that you want the rest of the world to see. Your style should represent who you are on the inside and portray the “you” that makes you feel confident.

Discovering your own personal style that you feel comfortable with is not always an easy task. It involves exploring who you are on a deeper level as well as what you like. Below are a few tips to help you on your journey of style discovery.


You will never know what style elements actually fit your personality if you don’t explore what is out there. Step outside of your comfort zone when you are first exploring and try on items that you think look stylish, but that you would never normally picture yourself in. You just might be surprised at how much you like the look and feel of one or more of these items.

When experimenting with different styles and looks, don’t forget that you are still in the experimentation stage. It is easy to look in the mirror when trying on something that you wouldn’t normally wear to become overly judgemental about your appearance. Let go of those feelings and instead of allowing yourself to become discouraged or upset, look at it as a success story in finding what is not right for you.

Run with It

Once you find an article of clothing or jewelry that you truly like wearing, use that as a springboard towards creating the rest of your style. Look for complimentary items that blend cohesively with those pieces that you have already picked out to complete your ensemble.

The trick here is not to get stuck in one specific genre or style of clothing and jewelry. Often times the most unique and appealing looks and styles are created through mixing and matching a variety of complimentary styles together to complete one aesthetically pleasing image.

Shake things Up

It is important to remember that creating your own personal style doesn’t mean that you can’t have diversity. Personalities are complicated and all encompassing. So it follows that to portray your personality your choices of attire will also need to be varied in order to reflect your current mood.

Creating your own personal fashion style doesn’t mean creating a cookie cutter image. It means completing a look that is capable of being modified to fit your mood, whether it is adding a colorful scarf one day that represents your happy and jubilant mood, or wearing black eyeliner to reflect your inner sadness. These modifications do not have to be large, but they do have to work cohesively with the rest of your appearance in order to be effective.

Have Fun with it

Creating your own look and fashion style is supposed to be enjoyable. It is an outlet for you to release your inner creative self, so relax and enjoy the experience. By doing so, you will find that you are much more open to new choices or old standbys that you wouldn’t have considered before.

Creating your own personal style is about exploring who you are both on the inside and the outside. By exploring and opening yourself up to new or even old ideas you end up discovering aspects of yourself that you may not have known were there.