How To Care For Eyelash Extensions

The best tricks to keep them strong and natural-looking longer, by

For many of us, the rhythm of a busy lifestyle means we may not have much time to take care of our eyelashes, or aging or a disorder may have caused us to lose them. Extensions are a perfect way to show our lashes off in all their splendour. Here we tell you everything you need to know to take care of them and to keep them as long as possible.

Eyelash extensions get rid of the need to wear mascara every day, eliminating mascara cleaning routines, reducing the risk of irritation and damage. However, with eyelash extensions, we must also maintain a hygiene routine because poor care can lead to problems and conditions in this very delicate area of the face.

Janette Vince, of¬†reminds us that “extensions and the extra weight on eyelashes can sometimes have an adverse effect on the growth and condition of the lashes, so we have to use a professional, someone who knows about eyelashes knowing that there are thicker lashes that have greater strength and thinner and weaker ones that should be left alone”, she says.

It is very important that within the first 24 hours after application, to keep the eyelash extensions completely dry and have no contact with water as the adhesive needs to settle.

After that time, you will be able to wash your face or shower and do everything normally. Barbara Torres advises that “you wash your eyelashes every day, in the morning and night, just as we do with the face. In addition, there are special shampoos (without oil or alcohol) in foam format based on prebiotic and antibacterial ingredients that condition and clean the whole area.

What you should avoid is extreme heat, vapor, and hot saunas. In addition, it is also not recommended to apply lotions, creams or makeup removers with oils or grease. It is also important to know that you should not use mascara and do not remove eye makeup, especially if the remover contains oils, because they would damage the extensions. You can, however, use aqueous-based makeup remover.

Though having said that, they can last up to around 6 weeks if good maintenance is performed. It is a good idea to go for a touch-up after 15 or 20 days after the first application. The technician will place new eyelash extensions in the gaps where the lash extensions have fallen on their own accord during a touch up session.