A Guide To Buying Natural Makeup

If you are allergic to standard makeup, you have two choices. You can opt for the solution offered by this permanent makeup London clinic, or go for natural makeup. Where to find a great natural foundation and how to buy plant-based makeup formulas. What makes natural foundation and tinted moisturisers different?

In terms of sales figures, natural makeup has lagged far behind the big business of natural skincare. However, with significant new product launches, this may be slowly changing.

Challenges for makeup manufacture may be one reason that natural foundation formulas have not achieved the success of their skincare counterparts. Products based on plant oils are the obvious choice for high-performance skincare because these oils bond so easily with the skin. However, this quality makes plant ingredients problematic for makeup, which needs to stay on the skin’s surface. There is also less choice of natural pigments available, compared to synthetic, so developing exciting colour ranges becomes harder.

Trying Natural Foundations

As foundation is an everyday product for many, natural skincare fans might want to find a natural foundation solution, in order to lessen the synthetic ingredients applied to the skin.

Take the same steps when choosing a natural foundation or tinted moisturiser, as you would when buying a regular base makeup. This involves trying the foundation to select the right formula, texture, and colour. However, due to the way that natural ingredients react with the skin, particular things to look out for with natural foundation include:

How long the coverage lasts: Natural oils can sink into the skin, so always test foundation for this if looking for long-lasting, full coverage.

Whether or not the colour changes: Some natural formulas can seem to darken considerably, having been applied to the skin and left for 15 minutes or so; This could lead to buying a colour several shades too dark.

The finish of natural foundations can be quite different from mainstream ones, so shop around to get a texture and finish that you like. Due to a lack of silicones, many natural cream foundations do not feel as silky smooth on the skin as we have come to expect. Those that do may be quite oil rich and, therefore, only suitable for dryer skin types.

Considerations When Buying Natural Foundations

If buying natural foundation as part of a healthy or vegan lifestyle, investigate the products fully, rather than relying on a ‘natural’ label. Look at a company’s ethos before choosing a product and query ingredients if you are in any doubt about the product being 100% plant based.

It is popular to put an SPF in tinted moisturiser. Because many people are keen to avoid a chemical sunscreen, natural brands may use nanoparticles of natural substances in their SPF labeled products. These are perfectly in keeping with natural makeup, as the substances might be completely non-synthetic. However, those avoiding nanotechnology beauty products can no longer just rely on a natural label to ensure these are not present; some natural brands have recently started using nanoparticles, so be aware of this when buying a tinted moisturiser.

Due to the formula of natural foundations, they best suit someone looking for an everyday, functional product, which is easy to use and looks fresh. Finding heavy or professional long-wear formulas is not currently easy when buying organic ranges.

Mineral makeup often falls into the natural category of natural makeup. Mineral powder foundations are mostly made with micronised mineral pigments. The particles are so small that it has the smooth effect of crushing in to the skin and providing flawless coverage. While minerals are natural (though not plant based), not all fans of natural makeup are keen to wear mineral products, due to production methods and ingredients.

As plant-based makeup is not in the mainstream as much as natural skincare, it can be hard to find truly natural or organic cosmetics on the high street but there are many that are 95% natural, so search carefully.