How Manufacturers Make Modern Cars More Secure

There was a time when vehicles were easier for thieves to break into but with all the efforts manufacturers are putting into making cars more secure, it has become much more difficult. It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. It simply means that they are making every effort to help car buyers protect one of the biggest investments they will make in a lifetime, usually second only to a new home. If you are wondering what they are doing to make modern cars more secure, here are a few of the latest advances they are making.

Chipped Keys

One of the first advances car makers seriously invested in to make modern cars more secure was chipped, programmable keys. However, this can often put car owners at a severe disadvantage when they happened to lose one of the only two keys. they in their possession. Now, locksmiths like Thornhill Car Locksmith in Toronto can quickly copy and program a second key in mere minutes. Also, they can help you get into a locked car if you have lost your only key and experts like these can also help with keyless or remote vehicles. In fact, if you are worried your key has been snagged by a would-be car thief, they can even change your locks. Modern cars may be more secure but there will be those times you need help maintaining that security.

Continual Anti-Hacking Technology

One of the problems that computerized technology in automobiles has presented is the fact that there are criminals out there who can hack and take control of a vehicle. This is something they are continually working on and have been making it harder and harder for hackers to gain access to a vehicle’s computer. They recognize it’s an ongoing effort to improve anti-hacking programming into a vehicle but, again, this is where a locksmith like that mentioned above can quickly come to your aid. If you feel that your key has been cloned, you can easily have a replacement set of keys reprogrammed to heighten safety of your car.

Threat Detection

Many modern vehicles are now being outfitted with threat detection software for the car’s computer. Most hacking attempts will immediately raise the red flag, alerting car owners to the threat. Some of the leading threat detection software installed at the manufacturer makes it possible to detect Bots and breached passwords. From suspicious IP throttling to offering brute force protection, these threat detection measures have counteracted millions of hacking attempts.

While much is being done to help car owners protect their investment, there will always be those times when it’s unavoidable to fight back yourself. Some of the ways a car owner might want to take matters into their own hands is to have their keys programmed if a threat is detected or purchase automotive special seals. With the right tools you can do more to avoid hacks and eventual theft. It only takes understanding the leading ways in which criminals can access that technology to learn how to combat threats like Bots before they become a real problem, resulting in significant loss.