5 Ways to Escape the Boredom of Travel and Quarantining During Covid

Almost a couple of years back, the world around us changed. Everyone learned a fairly new word – Quarantine. And while we are still recovering from the pandemic, this word is still lingering on. Traveling has also changed a lot. And if you have gathered up the courage of exploring a new city or country, quarantine is something that you need to consider as well.

Whether you are stuck in a luxurious hotel room or a 6’x6’ bedroom, we have got a bunch of fun activities that will help you escape the boredom of quarantine:

1. Get Crafty

This is probably the best time to try your hands at something new. If you are feeling inspired, you can use up your quarantine time to learn something like crochet, embroidery, or knitting. And if you have quite a few things lying around your house that you wish to reuse, you can try some DIY projects as well. This could be the best way to find the right balance of tactile and mental engagement.

2. Invest Playfully

While there are a bunch of virtual social activities that can keep you busy and satisfied during quarantine, we have got a much better option. What if we told you that you can play virtual games while betting in cryptocurrency? Yes, you read that right! With Cloudbet, you can have an amazing betting experience. Now, you can not only spend your quarantine in a fun and exciting way but also earn money.

3. Learn a New Skill

Quarantine offers an amazing opportunity to invest in your skillset and personality. So, rather than wasting this time on futile or monotonous tasks, you should consider learning a new skill that will prove to be lucrative once you step back into the real world. You can pick anything that floats your boat. Whether you wish to take up a new online course to upgrade your resume or learn a new language, or simply try out your hands on sketching or creative writing, you can do almost anything!

4. Get Organized

Another thing that can help you become more productive and efficient is organizing your space. No matter how big or small your home is, it can definitely benefit from a little bit of cleaning and organizing. If your home is cluttered, your mind and thoughts will be chaotic as well. So, if you have stuff that you no longer need, consider tossing them out. For now, you can pile all of it and keep them aside. Once you are done with your quarantine, you can donate it to a charity or someone needy. Other than organizing your room, you also need to declutter your mind. Maintaining your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic is quite tricky. Here are a few ways how you can steer clear from anxiety and depression during these challenging times.

5. Connect Virtually

We understand that meeting new people and socializing is an important aspect of life. However, while in quarantine, you can still connect with the people who are close to you. In our busy and hectic lives, we do not often find the time to call our parents or catch up with our friends. This is the time that you can connect with your friends and family virtually. Moreover, you can even do something interactive and new on social media platforms and keep others engaged. Read here on how Lee Jung-soo stayed busy by recording videos of herself playing the guitar while in quarantine.

We hope that these ways will keep you entertained and will also help your mental health during your quarantine.