How Entrepreneurs are Thriving in the Nutrition and Health Industries

Good health and nutrition is everything. Without it, life and all it has to offer becomes a nonstop struggle. It’s no surprise, then, that the nutrition and health industries are a lucrative market for innovators and entrepreneurs. When you think about it, all other goods and services available on the planet are predicated on the idea there are healthy people to buy and use them. It’s therefore safe to assume that nutrition and health are cornerstone industries. With that said, they continue to expand into new realms, as the following shows:

Blooming Healthy Living Sectors

Many entrepreneurs have jumped at the opportunity of growth in the healthy living industry and are thriving in the business of health including fitness businesses. For instance, Lululemon is a yoga-based athletic apparel retailer for women and men that started in Canada. The company makes several types of athletic wear, yoga accessories, and lifestyle apparel. Today, Lululemon has expanded its market internationally selling through a website and storefronts.

Yoga has also taken the state by storm with about 30 percent increase in participation, and business minded people are taking advantage of it. There are over 30 million yoga participants in the US alone who spend approximately $27 annually on yoga products and services, including live streaming classes. The sector is projected to have a 5 percent constant average increase in industry revenue annually.

The concept of proper health and nutrition is also being applied to dogs, cats, and other beloved animals as well. Innovators and entrepreneurs have been quick to jump into this growing market. Whether it’s by providing medication such as phenobarbital for dogs or giving pet owners useful information on the side effects of phenobarbital in dogs, expansion into this new realm of health and nutrition is matching the demand.

With an emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle globally, meal preparation companies and fitness businesses are also on the rise. However, a significant increase in revenue growth is registered in the supplements industry.

Supplement Industry Growth and Future Trends

Today, the nutrition and supplements market demand is huge. Just a few years back, supplements were only consumed and many people thought it was for muscle-builders. However, healthy living emphasis has seen many more people use them and the demand is now also created by buyers concerned with thriving health and well-being.

The numbers are significantly growing with more people taking vitamins supplements every morning. Do you take vitamins in the morning? A 2013 Gallup Poll found that half of Americans take at least one nutritional supplement regularly. Supplements contain high quantities of particular nutrients and are occasionally used to enhance nutrition in a person’s diet. Doctors often prescribe health supplements for pregnant mothers.

In summary, it is right to say that for the supplements industry, the reported growth so far is just the beginning – the figures will significantly increase in the coming years. Consumers globally are aware that health supplements are part of thriving health and vitality and are increasing the demand daily. Can we then say that entrepreneurs in the business of health, as well as those who plan to invest in the industry in future, will bloom and grow like never before? You guessed it – they will.