How Diesel Particulate Filters can Help Your Car

Many people know that a good diesel particulate filter can help reduce emissions and extend the lifespan of Catalytic Exhaust Products diesel exhaust systems, but not as many people realize that such a filter can also help vehicles on the road. Using high-efficiency diesel particulate filters can help cars and trucks produce fewer emissions. This is great for the environment and also provides a way to help extend the life of the vehicle.

Diesel Engines in Cars

Not every car has a diesel engine, and it is important to note the kind of fuel your vehicle needs before considering the benefits of diesel particulate filters. The term particulate refers to the weight of solid particles produced during the exhaust process. Many modern car engines, particularly petrol cars with good energy efficiency and hybrid vehicles, reduce the level of particulates in the exhaust to the point where they are negligible. However, diesel car engines and trucks with diesel exhaust systems still produce enough particulates. To have a filter that can remove them from the exhaust is highly recommended. A well-maintained filter removes the heavier matter produced by the burning of diesel, making sure that these particulates don’t become air pollution or serve as dangerous fumes that can damage a person’s lungs.

Making Diesel Engines More Valuable

As the world moves toward greener technology, many people have been turning their backs on vehicles that use diesel exhaust systems due to their tendency to create particulates. For car and truck enthusiasts, this has been a shame because it means ignoring the benefits that those systems offer. Diesel burns at a relatively low temperature, which helps reduce wear on an engine if you need high horsepower or carry heavy loads for an extended period of time. Better diesel particulate cleaning methods remove the one major problem these engines have, which essentially gives them a new lease on life. As technology continues to improve, more and more diesel engines can now be made compliant with emission regulations, even as those regulations become stricter.

Diesel Exhaust Scrubbers

In states and provinces that have stronger emissions standards, it becomes especially important to keep a diesel engine from creating a high particulate output in its exhaust. In these situations, it is possible to go one step further and add a diesel exhaust scrubber to an engine. Diesel exhaust systems provide customers with the option to use both particulate filters and exhaust scrubbers. These scrubbers oxidize particulates even further, reducing the harmful emissions that come from even a well-maintained diesel engine. When used properly, a filter and a scrubber can reduce pollutants by as much as 90%.

If you have a vehicle that needs the highest possible amount of horsepower or which will see a lot of sustained heavy action, a diesel engine can help keep the vehicle running well for a long time. However, this means more emissions if you don’t take the proper precautions. Catalytic Exhaust Products can offer you high-quality products for diesel particulate filter cleaning, including both the filters themselves and additional scrubbers.