A Steel Roof Can Last You a Lifetime

When it comes to finding the best roofing, ZimGroup steel roofing in Toronto should be high on your list of businesses to check. A metal roof provides durability and cost efficiency that simply cannot be matched by any other roofing material out there. As technology and roofing styles have improved over the years, steel roofs can now mimic the character and appeal of classic roofing, such as wood and slate. Because of this, steel roofing in Toronto can boost a home’s value, provide protection from the elements, and match any benefit provided by any other roofing material.

The Benefits of a Metal Roof

If you have any doubts about whether or not you should contact a metal roofer to obtain a quote, consider the many benefits that this material offers over virtually every other roofing type on the market today. A sheet metal roof matches the durability of all but the most well-constructed slate roofs, easily lasting 50 years or longer before even needing repairs. The materials are lightweight, which puts less pressure on your house structure. This means that windows and doors are less likely to need replacement over the years. Finally, metal roofing is flexible enough to be cut to fit virtually any house type with no problem whatsoever.

Replacing Old Roofing

Because it is so lightweight and versatile, steel roofing is easy to add to a home, even if your previous roof was made from another material. Skilled steel roofers can install lightweight steel directly over asphalt, wood, and even some stone tiles. The nails used in the new installation go right through the old tiles, and the weight added by the metal is negligible. In extreme cases, such as with heavy slate roofs, the removal of the old tiles does become necessary in order to properly affix the roof. Even so, the character of the roofing doesn’t have to get lost. Metal roofs can have the shape and texture of older-fashioned materials, providing all of the character of the previous material with more convenience and efficiency than ever before.

Cost Efficiency

Steel roofs are more cost-effective than most other roofing materials, and the savings only increase as the years go by. While certain types of material, such as low-quality asphalt tiles, might cost less during the initial buy-in, those materials need replacing 10 or 20 years down the road. A ZimGroup steel roof, by comparison, comes with a minimum of a 50-year warranty, and most roofs will outlive their warranty. Steel roofs also reduce energy loss in a home, which means that your seasonal heating and cooling bills can be reduced by up to 300%. This makes the cost well worth it even in the first year, let alone over the life of the roof.

If you are considering a new roof for your home, you owe it to yourself to reach out to a metal roofer. A good steel roof saves you a lot of money, lasts a lifetime, and comes in varieties that can mimic the character of older materials. This is an investment that can improve your home in virtually every way.