How Can you Pay with your Mobile Phone Bill for Slots?

Paying for slot machines used to be pretty simple – grab some change and head down to your nearest casino, pop a coin in the slot and you’re read to go. Great, but there are tons of better options available in 2021, especially when it comes to playing online where new players are welcomed to play. One of our favourites is ‘pay by phone’. Never heard of it? Don’t worry – we’re going to be breaking down how you can pay with your mobile phone bill for online slots!

What is ‘pay by phone’?

You will see the words ‘pay by phone’ featured on almost every online slots game these days. It essentially means that your slots expenditure will be payed out along with your phone bill. This might seem a bit odd, but trust us – there are tons of reasons why you want to give this a try:

           It’s super convenient – forget entering your bank details every time you play. Pay by phone allows you to link your phone bill and forget all about it.

          If you prefer to play online slots on your mobile phone, it’s daft having two separate bills. Just merge them into one!

          Got a bunch of credit on your phone that you’re never going to use? Don’t let it go to waste, spend it on slots!

Overall, ‘pay by phone’ is pretty simple – it tracks the cash you spend on slots, and charges you within your phone bill. Now that is futuristic!

So how can I pay with my mobile phone bill?

Paying for online slots with your mobile phone bill has never been simpler. Sure, it requires a bit of techy know-how and a bit of setup, but once that’s sorted it’s super smooth sailing. Not confident with tech? Grab that tech-savvy millennial that you know and get them to work through these steps with you – we bet they’ll make it look easy!

Step 1: Locate an online slots game that accepts pay by phone. This won’t be hard – pretty much all of them do!

Step 2: You’re going to need to sign up to a ‘pay by phone’ service. There are loads of options, so ask your friends and do some research online – they’re all pretty good.

Step 3: Once you’re signed up to a pay by phone service, you simply need to link this account to your online slots game of choice. You should now be good to go!

The setup process for pay by phone will vary depending on which services you choose, but it’s all pretty simple. Many online slots websites have 24/7 live chat for customer service, so log-on if you get stuck!

Futuristic Payments

Overall, it truly is easy to pay with your mobile phone bill for online slot games. There’s loads of benefits to doing this, and if you are a mobile slots fan then it’s an absolute must! What are you waiting for? Don’t let the millennials have all the smartphone fun – all aboard the pay by phone train! We are sure it’s going to bring a whole lot of convenience to your slots experience.