Home Fisio: Bringing The Experts To You

The future of physical therapy is here. And it is in the comfort of your own home. Home fisio treatments are bringing the experts to you.

Being healthy is something we all wish for. And when we don’t have that health we want it back. Ask anyone with a recurring back injury or stiff neck or who has to be physically rehabilitated.

At the very least we want to make sure we are getting the best treatment for our ailment. But when the issue tends to involve your mobility in some way actually getting to where you receive your treatment can present a challenge in itself.

Unfortunately, the coronovirus pandemic also exposed a flaw in our health treatment, as in a lot of industries. If someone can’t go to the place where they are seeking treatment or need to do business then they face a risk. A risk to their health, to their livelihood, their quality of life.

We needed answers. And thanks to places like here. We got them. The solution was by making the right treatments and associated products, like neck/back braces etc, available to someone in the comfort of their own home.

You need physical therapy? You got it. You need the correct expert advice with guides and videos? Have that too. You don’t want to pay as much as you would for the same treatment and advice as when you visited the fisio? No problem.

Home Fisio (Online Physical Therapy)

We know the importance of fisio treatments and the wide range of ailments and people it can help.

Any good Brisbane Physio will tell you that physiotherapy ‘can be helpful for people of all ages with a wide range of health conditions, including problems affecting the bones, joints and soft tissue (back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain), brain or nervous system (problems resulting from stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease), heart and circulation (after a heart attack), and lungs and breathing (cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)’.

There is no doubting the importance of being able to access such an important range of treatments.

Thankfully, fisio treatments are one of those things that predominately transfer well into the online world or world of remote treatment.

Why Home Fisio Works

The way physical therapy works is through a process which incorporates ‘diagnosis, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention and health promotion’.

A lot of those elements transfer nicely into online or remote therapy providing you with your home physio-therapy, and usually at far less of a cost.

Another reason why home physio-therapy works has got to do with a majority of the common ailments it is used to treat. Because we encounter the same problems over and over with different people. And because trained specialists have learned exactly which treatments best suit which ailment. We know the most effective way of treating different problems and can tell exactly what you will need.

How Home Fisio Works?

Because we know which therapeutic treatment is suited to which ailment and, more importantly, what is required to provide that treatment, we have been able to create fisio kits. These kits enable us to bring fisio treatment home to you.

Fisio kits enable you to treat a range of common problems, knee joint problems, osteoporosis etc, and at a time which suits you best.

Expert advice is laid out in easy to understand explainer videos showing what exactly is required in your physical therapy and how best to use your fisio kit.

Home fisio kits are a great benefit for those that need them for a quick and complete rehabilitation at home. Whether someone with a fairly common problem, or even someone post-surgery, you’ll be sure to find a fisio kits treatment just right for you.