Glo, the Online Yoga Site for Easy Mindfulness

As the world constantly moves at a faster and faster pace, it can be difficult to remember to take time to relax and appreciate everything that is around you. Mindfulness and meditation are two simple ways to practice self-care and gratefulness. Glo is an online yoga site that provides enthusiasts with guided yoga and meditation sessions. Each lesson will help build mental and physical health, and allow you to keep in touch with your body, even among a busy schedule and fast-paced lifestyle.

The Glo Mission

The creators of Glo aimed to make it easy and fun for everyone to participate in mindful living. Their “manifesto” explains the importance of living mindfully every day, not just while meditating. Glo encourages anyone and everyone to get in touch with themselves, listen to their bodies, and be constantly curious. So many people get into routines from day-to-day and they begin to forget to not only appreciate the world around them but to care for themselves as well. By using a yoga website, beginners to experts are able to continue to work and grow to lead a healthier life in both body and spirit.

The History of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient art that began sometime around 3000 BCE in India, although many other cultures had similar spiritual practices. The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit root “Yuj,” which means “to unite” or “to join.” This lends itself to the main idea of yoga, which is to align the body and soul with nature to be more aware of yourself and those around you. In the past few decades, yoga and meditation have become much more prominent in Europe and North America. Online yoga is a modern take on this practice, enabling yogis to reach a diverse platform and spread knowledge about mindful living and slowing down a little to stay happier and healthier.

The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

The benefits of yoga and meditation are endless and are even more powerful in combination. Yoga itself helps build muscular endurance (especially in the core) as well as increase flexibility. It can be done in short sessions, making it the perfect way to quickly get the blood flowing at work or to wake up in the morning. Yoga and meditation, when done right, have also been shown to decrease stress levels and even help with depression and anxiety. Meditating right before bed also helps many people, as it allows them to let go of stressful thoughts, clear their minds and calm down before trying to sleep. Better sleep is linked to a decrease in risk for heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and obesity. The Glo founders made their online yoga program with this in mind, hoping to reach everyone in order to create a healthier, more aware planet.

While yoga classes every day or every weekend may not be possible for some people, online yoga is a great alternative. Glo is an easy way to get into a new routine. It welcomes people of all ages and skill levels because it is not a business founded on creating yogis, but is there to start anyone on a path to healthful and mindful choices, in all aspects of life.