Eco-friendly Rubbish Removal ByClearabee

It’s estimated that, each and every year, an average of £140 million’s worth of unwanted clothing goes into landfill. What’s more, the various items left unused in wardrobes and drawers is thought to be in the range of a whopping 30 billion. Both, you’ll agree, somewhat eye watering figures, but the good news is these numbers are relatively easy to reduce. All it takes is a few simple changes to how we dispose of the clothing we no longer wear. And this, ultimately, is the way to go, especially when you consider that the average household also cleans enough newly bought clothing to run a car for 6000 miles. So, if you’re looking to reduce the amount of harmful rubbish you produce, then we’ve got a few easy to utilise tips that can really make a difference.

Reacquaint Yourself With the Back of Your Wardrobe

A brand new purchase is a good way of brightening your day, but most people find when they explore what they already have at home, there’s often a forgotten item of clothing that’s good as new. You can also check in with friends and family and ask them what they’ve got hidden in their wardrobes, see if maybe a swap is on the cards. You might well be surprised at the quality on offer. And remember, when it comes to clearing out your rubbish, there’s always a way that’s good for the environment. Rubbish removal experts Clearabee are on hand to make sure those garments you don’t want are responsibly disposed of in an eco-friendly fashion.

Donate and Resell

Another great way of removing rubbish is to gather together those clothes you don’t use anymore and resell them or donate them to charity. Greenpeace estimates that an incredible 95% of clothing thrown out could be recycled or re-worn. So instead of the rubbish bin, it’s worth remembering that there’s a range of convenient outlets for your old clothing these days. A company like Clearabee, for instance, is just one way of ensuring that your rubbish removal doesn’t adversely impact the environment. It’s also easy to resell your goods, either directly to other consumers or to local or online outlets.

Quality Not Quantity

Even better that recycling your clothing, however, is preventing it from going out to the charity shop in the first place. Because, the fact is, some recycled clothing is of such poor quality it still ends up going into landfill. To tackle this, environmental experts advise that, quite simply, we all ought to buy less and buy better. By purchasing clothing that lasts longer and can be worn more often, you’ll not only be helping the environment, but also to unclutter the already overcrowded second-hand market. Another trick is to use your local tailor to stich up holes or taper in jeans. Similarly, an old T-shirt can be used a pyjama top or as a rag for cleaning purposes.

Removing Rubbish Responsibly

The fact is, we all need to be more aware these days of how we dispose of our rubbish. Clearabee are an established rubbish removal company with a proven track record. They’re dedication to environmental concerns has meant they’ve diverted over 90% of everything they’ve ever collected away from landfill. This kind of eco-friendly rubbish removal is the way of the future, and Clearabee are committed to doing their bit to making it just as bright as possible.