Fun and Easy Ways to Include Exercises in Your Daily Routine

If you are not a big fan of exercise but you do care about your health and acknowledge that an active lifestyle can do wonders for both your body and mind, then finding new and fun ways to get that daily activity in is a must. Going to the gym doesn’t appeal to everyone, nor does running, but luckily there are numerous other options that you can enjoy like using a Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS running watch to track your fitness progress and set goals. This article features some of the most interesting options that can help you include exercise in your daily routine and at the same time fight off the boredom that you might associate with this type of activities.

Get some fun equipment

No, no not your run of the mill gym equipment, if you want a fun daily exercise routine it is time to change things up. For example, you can choose from a selection of trampolines, having one of these in your backyard will help you get that cardio in, while still having loads of fun with your family and friends. Another option is installing mini soccer goals in your backyard. You can have friends over for a game each weekend or simply practice some kicks during the week, this will not only help with the cardio portion but also improve your dexterity.

Finally, there is always the option of twister. Yes the game, anyone who as ever tied it knows how tough it can get. It is an amazing exercise to build muscle and have fun at the same time. Especially if more than two people are participating. But, in all honesty, even if you are doing it alone it can get you the desired effect.

Make it a game

Set small fitness goals every day and then when you achieve them to treat yourself. For example, it can be to do several push-ups, or get to work on foot. Something you wouldn’t normally do that can have a positive effect on your fitness level. Just be careful, the treat cannot be food, that would have an opposite effect. Treat yourself with some ‘me’ time, a book or even a bit of shopping. The goals are to associate exercise with a positive feeling, so in a sense train yourself and your brain to see it as a good thing. Not to mention that we all feel great when we reach our pre-set goals no matter how simple it is.

Change things up

This is the best possible way to stay motivated for exercising day in ad day out. If you easily get bored with repetitive actions, then you need to come up with a plan that will make your daily fitness routine different each time you execute it. Make an itinerary that involves different training aspects from cardio to stamina and muscle built. Them mix them all up and do something different each day. So for example, if you went to the gym today, go cycling tomorrow and swimming the day after that, This will keep you in shape, train different parts of your body and it won’t get boring. Of course, you can not make it a cyclical behavior pattern, next week change everything up again, so that you don’t fall into a rut. The only routine that stays the same is that you leave an hour or two each day for some type of exercise.

There you have it, staying in shape and taking care of your body does not have to be exhausting, all you have to do is apply some of the fun and interesting ideas from this article and you will find that your daily exercise routine will get that much more interesting and that you can’t wait to try something new each day.