Facts That Every Homeowner Should Know About Bed Bugs

Discovering there are bed bugs in the house is more than a minor inconvenience. They are quite a nuisance and should be eliminated as quickly as possible. If you are hesitating to seek help with a bed bug problem, here are a few facts that you need to keep in mind.

Bed Bugs Reproduce Quickly

What may be a small infestation today will be something else much sooner than you think. Did you know that a female bed bug lays on average 300 eggs? Those eggs hatch around ten days after being laid. In less than two weeks, the number of bugs in your home could be staggering.

They Come Out at Night

You may see a few bed bugs during the daytime, but they are nocturnal creatures. You will get a better idea of how advanced the infestation happens to be if you flip on a light during the middle of the night. Don’t assume what you are able to see during the day is all there is. The number of bugs in your home is likely much higher than you realize.

The Bugs are Not Just in the Bed

In spite of the name, bed bugs can find their way into all sorts of areas. If left unchecked, the infestation can spread to the draperies, clothing in drawers and closets, and even in rugs or carpeting.

Once they are throughout your house, the process of getting rid of those RespondersEdmonton.ca bed bugs Edmonton will be much more difficult. Your best bet is to call a professional and bring the problem under control when it is first noticed.

You Can Take the Bugs With You

Bed bugs can thrive in all sorts of places. That includes the clothing you place in your luggage for a trip. After arriving at your destination, some of them will still cling to the clothes you put away in the closet and the dresser drawers. Others will end up in the bedding and the mattress courtesy of your sleeping attire.

When you have your home treated for bed bugs, it’s not just about keeping your home free of these pests. It’s also about making sure you don’t spread the problem to the other places you plan on going.

They Can Live a Long Time Without Nourishment

Have you ever wondered why a pest control professional urges you to have the mattress sealed with a protective cover after the home is treated? It’s because there could be eggs tucked away in the middle of the mattress. Even after they hatch, they can live for a year without any real nourishment.

The sealed cover traps the bugs and prevents another infestation from developing. Typically, you can remove the sealed cover a year or so after the treatment and you’ll notice dead bed bugs collected in the corners.

If you notice any signs of bed bugs, don’t treat it as something you can deal with at a later date. Contact a professional and arrange for your home to be treated. Taking action now will prevent the situation from getting worse and allow you and yours to enjoy more restful sleep.