Excellent Money Making Ideas for WordPress Experts

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Have you spent the last few years learning WordPress and happen to be stuck in a position where your job and pay are not that satisfying? If that is the case, you need some changes in your life.

WordPress opens doors to much more than just website development. If you have the knowledge about the platform, it could be your golden ticket.

Have doubts? Well, the ideas below will certainly clear those and let you look from an entirely different perspective.

Print on Demand

This idea is not something innovative, but if you know your way around WordPress, it should not be that big of a problem to build a website and start your project.

According to Printify, there are no hidden costs of print on demand, even more so if you combine the two platforms and allow them to work in your favor.

As for the merchandise ideas, it comes down to how much you are capable of coming up with, or whether you will be hiring a professional designer and starting a partnership.



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By the year 2040, as much as 95% of shopping will be facilitated by eCommerce. What does this mean? Well, it should be obvious that there is no stopping the powerhouse of e-commerce.

Given how big of a cornerstone dropshipping is, you will never go wrong with this option. Even if you have not had an opportunity to start a similar project in the past, it should not take too long before you figure out the basics.

WordPress knowledge helps here a lot since you will be able to come up with all sorts of customizations and improvements.

Writing a Blog

It will take time before you can monetize it, but starting a blog will give you an outlet to express yourself in writing, and this is one of the most underrated aspects of the whole thing.

Once you grow the number of visitors to a decent size, you can start thinking about the money part. Running ads might have been the best option the in past, but these days most bloggers rather stick to affiliate links or even running a Patreon page.

YouTube Channel


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You can teach WordPress subtleties by running a channel on YouTube. The video format is certainly the best form to convey your message across.

YouTube is the biggest platform for video sharing, and people who have established themselves on it make more than enough money. And even if tutorials on WordPress might seem like a very niche subject, it is still worth the effort because nobody can deny the popularity of WordPress itself, as well as the number of people who are eager to learn about it.

Finally, because there is so much to teach, you will never run out of content.


Plugin and theme developers are always looking for testers who can help them improve the product. It is a natural thing to do in more than a single industry, and WordPress is no exception.

If you have developed similar things yourself, getting this kind of work should not be a problem. Just prepare a portfolio of your past achievements and send them out to potential employers. You are bound to receive an answer sooner rather than later.

Starting Your Own Company

Like previously mentioned, WordPress is extremely popular and if you feel like working on your own does not feel right, then consider starting your own company.

It is more than likely that people will join you, but it might take some time. Establishing yourself in the industry is not an easy thing to do, and it is always better to do this sort of thing together with someone you can trust.

The best part about this idea is that your age does not matter, all you need is experience and willingness to work in order to achieve this goal. And having a company of your own is extremely satisfying.

Writing a Book


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Worrying about getting published is no longer a thing. Thanks to Amazon’s self-publishing program anyone can become an author.

Of course, writing a book is not that easy as you will need to do a lot of research, but if you feel like you could put all your knowledge into a single piece of work, then, by all means, go for it.

All in all, having a great understanding of platforms like WordPress certainly opens a lot of doors. All you need to do is seize the opportunities that come your way or stick to one of these ideas. Hard work always pays off, especially for those who are looking to get a fresh start.