Everything you need to know about video advertising

Video advertising is a great way to reach potential customers and generate more leads for your business. And, video advertising doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! In this blog post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about video advertising so you can get started right away.

What is video advertising?

Video advertising is a form of digital advertising that uses videos to promote your product, service, or website. Video advertising can be used on social media, your website, or even as a pre-roll video before another paid video.

The benefits of video advertising

Video advertising has many benefits for brands. For example, video advertising is highly effective at capturing attention – 92% of users are likely to watch a video ad before reading other content on the page! Furthermore, videos have exceptionally high levels of engagement with viewers who are 64 times more likely to share them than photos or links. This means that many more people will see your advertising message.

Video advertising is also cost-effective as they are often easy to produce and can be repurposed for use on other media channels, which saves you time and money in the long run! That’s not all, though – video advertising has a proven track record of driving sales conversions with an average uplift of 12%!

In addition to this, video advertising is an excellent way of increasing the average time on site. An engaged viewer who has watched your ad and perhaps even shared it with friends or colleagues will be more likely to return for further information from you in the future. That’s why we recommend using video advertising as part of an overall marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively.

Tips for making your videos more engaging

  • Keep your videos short and to the point.
  • Make sure that you use many visual contents such as images, graphics, and video footage. This will help improve the user experience by providing clear information in an easy-to-digest format.
  • Include captions on all of your videos so they can be easily understood without sound if required.
  • Make sure that all of the video content is relevant and provides value, or it could end up doing more harm than good for your brand.

Types of videos

Product Demonstration videos – these are usually used to show off how a product works so that customers know exactly what they’re getting. This kind of video is also great for showing why you should use the products instead of another company’s version.

Promotional/Entertaining videos – you could use these videos to promote giveaways or run a video advertising contest.

Explainer videos – typically used for more complex products and services so that customers can see how they work in action before buying them themselves.

How-To videos – you could produce a series of educational “How To” videos, advertising different topics related to your business.

Testimonials – these videos show off customer testimonials and how they’ve used the products or services that you offer to get results.

Live videos – allows customers to join in on an event happening right now instead of watching it at a later time.

In summary

Video advertising is a great way to grab your customer’s attention and keep them interested in what you have to offer. Video advertising has many different uses, so you must know how they work before jumping right into using videos as part of your marketing strategy.