Different Types Of Sleeper Couches: Expert Advice To Choose The Right One

If you often have guests over, investing in a sleeper couch is a wise decision, even more so if your home doesn’t have a spare room where overnight guests can catch up on some sleep during their stay. 

However, there’s such a wide variety of sleeper couches on the market that choosing the right one can be a bit challenging. Some are cost-efficient and space-saving, while others aren’t. 

So, in this article, we’ve listed the different types of sleeper couches to help you decide which overnight sofa is best for your budget and your home. 

Sectional Sleeper Couch

If your apartment is relatively small and you enjoy the occasional afternoon nap, then a sectional sleeper couch is the best option. That said, quality sectional sleeper couches are priced in relation to regular sofas. 

There’s no need to make any adjustments to the couch when sleep time rolls around because the daybed is basically part of the couch. Investing in a full sleeper sofa is also wise in terms of budget because these kinds of couches tend to last pretty long. 

The Pull-Out Sleeper Couch

If you’re hoping to find a sleeper couch that can blend in with your other sofas well, a pull-out sofa is a great choice. However, a little bit of effort is required to adjust the sofa into a bed; you’ll need to remove the cushions, pull out the base, and lay down the installed mattress. 

Despite the effort, these sofas are among the most comfortable to rest on because they mimic an actual bed and often contain a quality mattress. They are also great for space saving. 


Futons are an excellent choice if your existing living room interior style complements a bohemian or minimalist theme. Futons can be folded in three ways, although not many are fond of the appearance of the chair set. 

Futons are relatively expensive as well when shopping for quality. Moreover, not everyone enjoys the lumpy texture of the mattress, and the science behind whether or not futons can support spine health while sleeping is quite contradictory. Even so, there are ways to make a futon more comfortable

Fold-Out Sleeper Couches

Fold-out sleeper couches are possibly the cheapest option on the market. With this design, you’ll only need to move the sofa forward and then fold it out into a bed.

While fold-out sleeper couches are affordable, they also complement a modern minimalist home style. But even so, they don’t typically hold a lot of weight, break easily, and don’t offer up much comfort. 

A Daybed

If your lounge area is relatively large, you could consider investing in a daybed. There are tons of different styles on the market, and the larger size of these couches makes them perfect for comfortable sleeping. 

Moreover, no effort is required to adjust the couch into a bed when opting for a daybed. 

Now that you know all the different kinds of sleeper couches on the market, you can shop for the perfect furniture addition with confidence.