Delightful Dubai Activities Which Every Tourist Must Experience

If you are heading to Dubai in 2018 then there are some activities and experience which you simply must do and today we are going to take a look at which ones you should have your eye on. Dubai is a truly spectacular city and one of the best examples of what you can do with a city if the powers that be are willing to invest. This opulent and ostentatious city is becoming more and more popular each year and as the stream of tourism grows, so too does the city itself. If you want a truly amazing holiday in Dubai, here are the things which you should do with your time there.

Burj Khalifa

A trip to the city wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. whilst you may be thinking that it will be hard to miss, and it is of course, the best experience can be had not viewing it from the outside, but scaling it to see the whole of the city below you. The observation deck in the building is on the dizzying 128th floor and you will not see more spectacular views of the city anywhere else.

Ski Dubai

SkiDubai is the perfect example of what this city is capable of which is building a ski resort, complete with real snow, inside the heart of the desert. Within the emirates Shopping Mall, you will find this incredible, 80 meter mountain of snow which has 3 runs of varying difficulties. As if this wasn’t enough, the centre also has some fun ramps and half-pipes for those who may feel a little more adventurous. Wrapping up to go skiing before walking out into the searing midday heat will completely blow your ¬†mind, and I have a feeling that this is exactly what the creators were after.

Brunch at The Palm

Brunch is a big deal in Dubai and almost every hotel worth their salt will offer a brunch experience. In my view this best experience can be had at the Atlantis Hotel, at the tip of the Palm archipelago. Brunches here last for around 5 hours and are usually filled with some amazing food, and plenty of alcohol. The Atlantis offers a traditional British brunch, an Asian style brunch and an Italian brunch giving you plenty of options to enjoy this experience to your liking.

Desert Tour

Despite the fact that you’re in the middle of the desert in Dubai, you really don’t feel that way when you are inside the city. In order to best experience the location then, the best bet is to head off on a desert tour in a Jeep, or even on a camel. The majority of these desert tours take you through the sand dunes and into the middle of nowhere, before setting up a BBQ and parking up to watch the stunning sunset.

And there you have it, the main activities which I’d recommend that you do during your time in Dubai.