Things you should know about dating American girls

American women tend to be interesting and appealing for men from different countries: their style, culture, character and appearance make them amazing girlfriends and wives. Dating an American girl can make you a happy man: if you’re a guy who needs an easy-going, friendly, and active woman, then Americans are probably the best for you.

Because of the American media, movies, and TV series, it often seems that we know everything about American dating and the people you can meet on the top rated hook up apps. Lots of stereotypes and stamps you may have heard about American dating are actually close to reality, while others seem to exist only in movies – so you need to learn more about how to date American girls in advance. We’ll help you with some tips that can help you know more about these girls, their tastes, characters, and expectations from dating, and you’ll understand what you should do to have a better dating experience with them!

What American ladies are like

While every American woman or man has individuality and unique background, lots of them have some features in common because of the American culture, standards of living, history, and all these little things that make Americans who they are. Lots of states have different people: local salaries, businesses, climate, nature – all these things influence people’s characters and views a lot. But most Americans are friendly and easy-going, and lots of them have nothing against dating foreigners. The country is well-known for being a “huge melting pot” where different nationalities meet and live together, so if you want to date an American girl, then you have pretty high chances to do so.

American women have many great advantages:

  • Lots of local ladies look stunning. Of course, you can meet a pretty woman both in a huge city like New York or in a small town: lots of local ladies have great genes, and it’s extremely popular nowadays to have a healthy lifestyle and to be very fit, so many of them have great bodies. The whole beauty industry may make some of them look a bit too artificial, but lots of them just know how to look their best while staying natural and real. For lots of American ladies, appearance is extremely important, so they like looking their best. It doesn’t mean that they dress up or wear all the best at once, but they definitely are into makeup and attractive clothing to highlight their natural beauty;
  • American ladies are interested in many things. If you assume that most of them are just into makeup, Netflix, and Marvel movies, then you’re wrong: lots of them are creative and well-educated, so they are ambitious, and ready to learn new things. They are also interested in experiencing something new once in a while, so if you’re into camping, snowboarding, travelling, or anything else, then the chances are that she’ll be glad to join you. They also try to make their everyday life as enjoyable and pleasant as they can, so you won’t be bored with them;
  • They also love animals. Lots of Americans do, actually: most people there are obsessed with dogs and cats, they keep pets and volunteer a lot, or just watch tons of funny animal videos online. If you also love animals and nature, then you’ll find a common language with an American lady. Also, lots of them are into healthy lifestyle, natural materials, “no-waste”, vegetarianism or veganism, and other things, so if you care about nature a lot, then dating an American girl can make you happy;
  • You can have long-distance relationships with them, because they’re into social networks and the Internet a lot. Of course, the ultimate goal of every relationship that starts online is to make it “real”, but it’s great to know that you can meet a great woman on a dating site, have great online relationships, and meet in real life later. Americans love chatting and using social networks and dating sites, so you can meet an attractive American girl for dating while being far from the USA, and meet her later, when you know her better;
  • They know how to date beautifully! If you’re into all this old-school dating aesthetics with restaurants, movie theaters, flowers, chivalry, and everything, then Americans know how to date right. Of course, you can also find many women interested in casual dating there, but those who are into serious relationships actually value an old-school approach. If these things aren’t for you, and you want something modern and advanced, then you can also find a woman who’s independent, and likes gender equality. Lots of modern Americans are into political correctness and equality, so if you want a strong and ambitious woman who likes going “Dutch” at restaurants and doesn’t expect you to open doors for her, then you can also find one there.

These tips can help you date an American girlfriend perfectly!

Even if you manage to find a good American lady on a dating site or in real life, it’s not enough to call it a day: you also need to understand what to do or not to do to make your relationships better. Now, let’s find out how to date an American girl correctly:

  • Americans are patriotic, so don’t be too tough or impolite about her country. Even those Americans who know and understand all the flaws of their country and its government still love it: these people are raised to be proud of where they live. If you dislike America’s government, or its politics, or its history, or its culture – you’d better keep it to yourself, because most locals won’t be glad to hear you scolding their beloved motherland;
  • Ladies from the USA love attention, so make sure you demonstrate your interest and affection clearly. Tell her she’s beautiful, send her cute messages, give her small gifts or flowers for no visible reasons, and make sure that she’s happy;
  • She wants to know your goals and intentions, so don’t play games. If you’re into casual dating, then you should be direct: lots of local women don’t want anything serious either, so date one of them, but don’t break anyone’s hearts. If you’re into something serious, then you should also make it clear: make it your main priority, and you’ll find a family-oriented woman with a serious approach to dating;
  • Show her that you’re a reliable and supportive man. American ladies love strong men, and it’s not about physique in the first place, so try to be truthful, responsible, kind, serious, and supportive – and she’ll love you even more!