Dating Advice Gone Wrong

It’s astonishing what some people think is good dating advice. It’s even worse advice when coming from cheaters or divorcees. If you have recently received some dating advice of your own, and you wonder just how bad it really is, compare it to some of the worst bits of advice that others have ever received. Those horrible bits of advice are as follows.

Find Your Partner at Church

Yeesh. Even if you are a regular churchgoer, temple attendee, or mosque member, this is just bad. It means you are willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel for someone that everyone at your religious establishment knows and nobody else wants. While it could work out for the rare few, there’s just not enough good looking people going to religious services to even consider this. Just take a look around the next time you sit in a pew or on your prayer mat.

This goes hand in hand with “wait for God to give you a mate” advice. God has a lot on his plate. You may not like the mate he picks for you either.

Date Daddy Material

While a lot of women might size up a man by how well he interacts with kids and whether or not he wants children, it generally isn’t a good idea in terms of a partner overall. He might just be extremely immature and that signals he wouldn’t make a very good equal partner. In some rarer instances, some guy who really likes kids might be a much darker and scarier person than you want. Skip the daddy material and look for an equal that is interested in having kids but is not eager to play with everyone else’s.

Try Being a Contestant on Dating Reality Show or Dating Game

Ick. For one, only a minority cut of people who ever apply to these shows ever make it on. Two, unless you are drop-dead supermodel gorgeous, it isn’t likely to be you. If you’ve ever watched even a nanosecond of these shows, it’s obvious that normal everyday people aren’t what the casting directors are looking for. It can be a serious hit to your self-esteem just attempting an audition.

Date Creeps and Schmucks Because Chemistry Isn’t Instant

Pervs, creeps, weirdos, jerks, and schmucks all have one thing in common; you don’t and shouldn’t keep dating them. Some people will tell you that you have to give chemistry time to develop. Um, no, if they keep trying to feel you up, make remarks that cause you to feel uncomfortable, etc., chemistry isn’t going to develop. Furthermore, you might be putting yourself in danger if that person has a dark side you really don’t want to see.

Asserting Dominance

Being forceful and insisting that it isn’t your place to do A,B,C isn’t going to go well. Men and women both need an equal partner in everything. Insisting that a partner do everything you don’t or won’t do doesn’t work out.

Lies Are a Part of All Relationships

Um, no. If you lie, your partner will not be able to trust you. If you lie frequently, there is definitely no trust there. Partners that can’t trust each other will fight constantly and eventually break up. Truth and honesty are necessary in every relationship.

Choosing a Younger or Older Partner

Sometimes May-December relationships work out, but most of the time they don’t. Telling somebody to choose someone younger can result in a lot of sex, but no real connection and a lot of immature fights over stupid things. Choosing somebody older is just sort of creepy once you reach a certain age, and in this case, you¬†become the immature one.

Look for Money or Sex Appeal

Advice about checking out someone’s net worth or ramping up your sex appeal to get noticed are both bad. A relationship doesn’t work when the focus is how much money someone has or how sexy someone looks in a red dress or a sport coat. It establishes a false base on which not much of a relationship can be built.

Always Act Over the Top

Huge displays of devotion, dedication, emotion, etc., might impress someone in the beginning or after you have been in the relationship a long time. They can also freak people out because it’s too much, too soon. There is such a thing as giving too much and expressing too much too early on.