No Gym, No Worries: A guide on how you can start working out at home

Who else misses the gym? When the pandemic started, all gyms and fitness centres were forced to close down. Will you let the pandemic get in the way of your fitness journey?

Being healthy should be your top priority regardless of the pandemic. Who said that you could not work out at home? Indeed, there are constraints due to the limited resources. This article will guide you on what you need and how you can transform your humble abode to your personal gym fit for any of your extreme gym preferences. Get your yoga, bodybuilding clothing, ready!

What do you need when you want to workout at home?

You would need a little bit of space in the house just enough for you to move around without breaking anything. A comfortable set of workout clothing, especially for specific exercise that makes you sweat a lot. Most bodybuilding clothing, with its required safety accessories, are just easy to find online. For beginners, you can start with the simplest set of exercises such as squats, push-ups and lunges. Wide variety of workout videos are also available online, whichever is comfortable with your phase. While for amateurs, that has been a devoted visitor of the gym, they can worry less in forming their own set of exercise routines. Light to heavy workout equipment is available for delivery online.

What do you need when it comes to buying workout clothes online?

Add to cart, responsibly! When shopping online, the most common problems are, getting the sizes right, its quality and its fitting. So, here are tips on what to look for when buying workout clothes:

  • For workout clothes, you really must take into consideration the fabrics’ quality. Tough workout routines such as bodybuilding, circuit training, etc., can make you sweat bullets. It’s best to choose between polyester and nylon. Not only because it absorbs sweat easily, but you can even use it as a warmer. Now that’s a hack!
  • Aside from considering its aesthetics, consider the clothing’s fit to your body. Either you size up or down. It is essential that you can move freely in these clothes. Always look at what fits best with your body type.
  • Lastly, look at its versatility. Can you use it for your everyday clothes? Is there a wide variety of colours to choose from?

How about gym equipment?

Of course, some complexities come with working out at home. Gym equipment can be expensive if you buy them. So just go for the basics, for yoga, all you need is a yoga mat. If you want to go extra, you can order a stability ball. For bodybuilding, aside from having your bodybuilding clothing and accessories such as gloves, wrist wraps and weightlifting belts, you need the equipment. If you already have weights at home, that’s good. If you don’t, you can compromise and DIY it. You can use water jugs or any heavy stuff you have at home, or you can have items delivered. You will always find a way if you want it, as they usually say.

A quick takeaway for your at-home fitness journey

Fitness is not just confined in the corners of the gym. You can be fit even if you’re staying at home. It is just a matter of self-discipline, resourcefulness and willingness. The long duration of lockdown can be productive if you are only willing to do it.