Best Places To Visit In Oceania

Oceania is one of the most beautiful areas on the planet and, although the majority is covered by water, there are plenty of busy cities, incredible monuments and fantastic sights around the region. If the city life isn’t your thing, you can check out the phenomenal wildlife and environment in the area. Whether you want to dive down by the Great Barrier Reef or eat in one of Wellington’s finest restaurants, there is plenty to do. Here are just a few places you could visit if you travel to Oceania in the near future.


For a truly thrilling experience, travel to Australia. There’s something to do for everybody; whether you’re a sport fanatic or passion about film, you can enjoy yourself in Australia’s finest cities. There are a number of activities to consider during your stay, like Sunshine Coast tours. Perhaps you could check out Australia’s finest nightclubs and bars. If the nightlife isn’t for you, you can relax on the beach with you Oakley glasses and a book and simply enjoy Australia’s incredible weather. All year round, the Aussies are blessed with sun and, for those travelling at Christmas time, you can enjoy your dinner on the beach!

New Zealand

New Zealand is another one. Although a large proportion is rural, there are still a number of large cities across the country. Wellington and Christchurch are just two of these and you could perhaps enjoy some New Zealand traditions during your stay. Visitors can embrace Kiwi life and culture by taking in some of the National Parks across the country. If you like to live life in the fast lane, you could partake on a venture across the nation on the TranzAlpine. This journey is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful routes for scenery and views across New Zealand’s fine landscapes.


If you’re a rugby fan, Fiji is the place to be. They are union-mad and you should definitely check out a local rugby fixture during your time in the country or at the ANZ National Stadium to experience international rugby. However, if you’re looking to relax and simply enjoy your break away, there are plenty of spas and islands that can provide you with peace and tranquillity.

There are a number of active volcanoes across the nation and they are an impressive sight. While it can be dangerous to get close, they are an absolute must-see. Mount Taveuni is the most famous and stands tall at 1,241 metres above sea level. It’s a truly beautiful country and, although Australia and New Zealand attract the majority of tourists, it’s certainly becoming much more popular in the modern era.