Adapting to Life after Ostomy Surgery


This is the first time you encountered the termostomy surgery. You or perhaps your family has many questions, doubts, and fears. However, the thing that truly matters is that life goes on,and the fact the person who went through an ostomy surgery is alive!

What isostomy? What is the – colostomy – ileostomy?

During this or that surgery performed on the intestine, a surgeon sometimes needs to form an ostomy, which is a process of getting an intestine onto the surface of the anterior abdominal wall. The colon is most often taken out and then colostomy is formed. The end section of the small intestine is taken out less often and in this case we are talking about ileostomy.Either way, you will need to use some medicine after the surgery. Check out RX products for sale in Canada.

How can I take care of myself?

The period of recovery and adaptation is quite long, and lasts several weeks. During this time, every person experiences a range of different feelings: pain, anxiety, and depression. After that, the depression gradually gives way to hope and joy. This is the law of life. All these feelings require recognition and attention, both from the person himself and from their relatives. With the help of doctors, medical personnel, and your loved ones, you will be able to learn how to take care of yourself, which is not so difficult. Don’t you dare give up on yourself and say that your life is over. It is not true! You can return to your usual way of life, work, activesports, etc. The support of relatives, recommendations of the ostomy therapeutist, the support provided by public organizations – all these things a necessary prerequisitefor a social adaptation of the ostomy person.

Where do I replace the colostomy bag?

Living conditions permitting, you can change the colostomy bagin the bathroom. It is preferably to do it in the standing position in front of the mirror so that you can see the ostomy well. If you find it difficult to stand, you can replace the colostomy bag while sitting or lying. You can use a small mirror as well.

Should I hide my condition from everyone or should I let them know?

There is no decisive answer to this question as everything depends on your particular situation. In case you have a large family and you live together in one apartment or a house, you can hardly hide the fact that you are an ostomy person. It is necessary to explain to all your family members that now you need to conduct a different hygienic care of yourself, and if necessary, ask for help. The main thing is that you should try not to be overly shy about this, because everyone in your family would want to help you. If you live alone, and you do not need help with taking care of yourself, then you do not have to tell all the details of your condition to your relatives and friends with an exception of really close people.

We hope you find this article helpful and you will the strength to live on. Furthermore, there is medicine to help you cope with your condition. Check out CanMedDirect ostomy products as they are the best in the business.