A small luxury travel guide for Munich – hotels, restaurants & more

This small luxury travel guide for Munich will show you some of the nicest hotels, best restaurants and take you for a tour through the bustling nightlife …

Munich – the capital of Bavaria in Germany – is without a doubt one of the most charming cities the country has to offer. Not only is it known for its amazing variety of very delicious beers but also for its genuine hospitality and countless points of interest. It is here where you will find a deep insight into the soul of Germany. Where luxurious hotels pamper you to the fullest, where amazing restaurants will serve you gum-smacking delights and where you’ll find a pulsating nightlife filled to the brim with cosy bars, cool clubs and – of course – typical Bavarian beer houses. So, put on your Lederhosen and enjoy the ride!

Luxury design hotels in Munich and a little extra …

Munich is one of the most important business and tourist hubs in Germany. Hence, you will find your typical 5* hotel chains like Steigenberger, Hilton, Sheraton, and Co. But instead of swimming along the world wide touristic mainstream, where one hotel room looks like the next, why not keep things a bit more individual? Munich offers an amazing variety of charming boutique and design hotels which will pamper you with just the same (or even higher!) service standards as the “big guys”. If you open the website “Design Hotels” and search for Munich, you’ll already find three of the most beautiful design hotels of the city. First in line is the Cortiina Hotel in the heart of town. This very cool, trendy, and luxurious place perfectly masters the art of combining urban minimalism, Feng Shui and the rustic charm of Munich in every detail. A real treat is the in-house wine bar which is a not only a treasure box of fantastic vintages but has become one of the most vibrant meeting places for the local jet set. Just a 2-minute walk from Munich Central Station on the Karlsplatz, another hotel gem welcomes its guests: The Anna Hotel. If you stay here, try to book the suite called “Anna Next Door”. Its highlight is the amazing bathroom (especially the free-standing tub!). The very posh design and the discreet location in the neighbouring building to the hotel make this suite the ideal hideaway for lovers; which leads us to the “little extra” mentioned in the headline. If you are a single gentleman looking for a sensually open-minded, uncomplicated and breath-takingly irresistible lady, just pick up the phone! One of the most prestigious escort agencies in Germany will discreetly arrange unforgettable dates with charming escorts directly in Munich.

Time to dine! From rustic Bavarian dishes to a 9-course tasting menu

Germans love to eat. A lot! This is particularly true for Bavaria, where you can dig into huge chunks of meat (a culinary must: “Schweinshaxe” aka pork knuckle!) served with an impressive amount of side dishes like potato dumplings and Sauerkraut. Rinse it down with a “Mass” of beer (a 1-liter glass) and have a Schnapps afterwards to round things off. A great place to have this culinary experience is either in one of the numerous beer houses or directly in the famous “Haxenbauer”! A very nice and stylish restaurant which has specialised on preparing this traditional dish. Once you have accomplished this very delicious task, you might want to check out one of the fine dining restaurants in the city for the next evening. If you take the most prestigious restaurant guide for Europe as a reference (the “Michelin”) you’ll find five restaurants with two out of three stars in the city, making Munich a paradise for gourmets! One of the gourmet sanctuaries is called “Tantris”. Since almost 45 years this amazing restaurant is basically an institution for culinary delights of the highest level. If you want to pamper yourself with the 8-course gourmet menu and the perfect wine pairing, remember to book your table well in advance!

Time to shake those hips and dive into Munich’s bustling nightlife!

To get things on the right track for this night filling tour, a cocktail seems the perfect drink to start with. And again … Munich will put you in front of an exquisite choice between some of the best cocktail bar in Europe! Taking the well-established magazine for bar culture “Mixology” as a reference is always a safe bet. Mixology nominates the best bars, bar keepers, teams, menus, and hosts in Germany every year and 2017 was definitely a good one for Munich. Lukas Motejzik from the “Zephyr Bar” (which is also the best Bar menu of the year) was nominated as one of the Mixologists of the year. The “Herzog” received the title as the best new bar of 2017, the “Goldene Bar” has the best bar team and so on …

Once you had one or more of these fantastic drinks, it’s time to move on and visit some of the clubs in Munich. The “P1” is legendary among the local and international high society. Another great place where your chances of partying with stars and celebrities from all around the world is the “Hearts Club”. Both locations count among the finest clubs in the world and are a guarantee for an unforgettable night! But then again … these are only two of many fantastic places in Munich where you can dance the night away. A very cool guide through some of the hippest clubs and locations in Munich is the “The Cool Guide”, so check it out!

Fact is that this stunning city has everything you can wish for. All you have to do is pack your bags and hit the road!