Eyelid surgery is also known as blepharoplasty. This kind of plastic surgery is one of the most common in Calgary. It is performed mostly on the upper eyelid, however lower eyelid or both lids surgeries may also be performed. Surgeons explain that most of the eyelid procedures are performed in special hospitals and with a local anesthesia for sedation. Generally, eyelid surgeries are performed for cosmetic reasons, however there are cases when for functional reasons patients are advised to do them. Below we connected four main benefits of eyelid surgery with the professional help and information provided by Dr. Kristina Zakhary – a plastic surgery doctor in Calgary, Canada.

Fewer Fine Lines

Ageing is always an issue for people, especially today when the race for youth only spins up. Of course, fewer fine lines is usually not the primary goal of the eyelid surgery, but many patients see significant improvements in those early, telltale signs of aging. By lifting both the upper and lower lids, surgeons can reduce the number of lines that are usually seen around the outer corners as well as lower lid of the eye.

No More Bags

Below the eye bags are very common among people after 40-45 years old. They usually only add age and create the fatigued appearance on a face even if you are getting sufficient shut-eye. With the help of professional plastic surgery in Calgary and eyelid surgery you can get those bags removed by eliminating excess skin and tissue below the eye. Very frequently, cosmetic surgery doctors in Calgary are also able to improve the appearance of dark circles under the eye within the frame of eyelid surgery.

Improved Vision

Significant heaviness drooping of the upper lid may lead to serious malfunctions of the eye and consequently swift eyesight decline. In this case eyelid surgery will be not only a cosmetic concern, but actually the problem of physical health and wellbeing. You can discuss the possibility of removing those upper lid additional skin layers and subtly lifting the brow upper lid; as a result you can expand a lot the line of sight. Many Calgary patients also report reacing greater comfort in the forehead area due to brow muscles that are not being constantly used for the unusual purpose of raising the upper lid for improved vision.

A Refreshed Appearance

Of course, this reason is one of the most common ones among people seeking for professional plastic surgery doctor help in Calgary. According to statistics, blepharoplasty is one of the most efficient ways to make your entire face regain a new and refreshed appearance. Eyelid surgery can alter not only the size, but also the shape of your eyes specifically. Whether you decide to undergo only eyelid surgery or combine it with other plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, you will be able to see dramatic improvements after your procedure. As a lot of patients in Calgary report, with the refreshed and more appealing appearance improved self-confidence and your self-esteem become a great additional bonus.

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