7 things a man must know about his shoes before that first date

Women will always notice and complement each other on their shoes, so do you really think they don’t look at yours? Most guys don’t pay much attention to their shoes, the “eh, it’s fine” mentality will only take you so far. Shoes are important and they can show that you are a man to be reckoned with. Become the suave gentleman you need to be with these 7 things you need to know about men’s designer shoes.

1) Wear the right shoes for the right occasion

Wearing the right shoes shows attention to detail. Unless you are going out to play tennis or go hiking, you will either be wearing casual shoes or dress shoes. If there is any doubt which you should wear, then wear dress shoes.

2) Buy leather

The best quality luxury shoes are leather, and there is just no way around that. Good leather just has a quality look and feel to it that is hard to beat. Leather stretches and conforms to your feet over time making your shoes even more comfortable.

3) Comfort and sizing

Get your foot properly measured and make sure the shoes are the right fit. Most men go shopping and just buy the shoes that fit “close enough” and that is just not what you need to be doing. Wearing uncomfortable shoes is not going to impress anyone and you will end up dreading to wear them. There is more to a shoe size than just length. Most stores will have standard width sizes and have a few wide and narrow sizes too, but there are a lot more sizing widths than that for a shoe to fit properly. It is important to get fitted correctly by someone that understands shoe measurements. If you have the right sized shoes, you will find yourself choosing them for comfort over that pair of sneakers that you always wear.

4) Buy quality

Good shoes will last you a very long time. Over time, quality shoes are less expensive by far than buying a cheap pair of shoes. You can have quality shoes repaired and re-soled, and they can be as good as new, while cheap shoes are thrown away and bought again and again. It might seem painful to spend a lot of money on shoes, but that expensive pair of shoes can last you decades if you take care of them.

5) Colors matter

Stick with dark brown, dark burgundy, or black. As a rule of thumb, make sure your shoes are darker than your pants. If you are wearing black pants, make sure you are wearing black shoes.

6) Keep them clean

If your shoes aren’t clean and polished, it’s like having a Ferrari with a rusted paint job; it sort of defeats the purpose. Nothing is worse than seeing a well-dressed man and looking down to see dirty shoes. One immediately thinks that maybe his house is not somewhere you want to go. If he doesn’t care to keep his shoes clean, you wonder how bad his kitchen is.

7) Take care of them

Even though quality shoes will last, you still need to take care of them. Make sure you polish them and give them time to dry from perspiration. You should rotate your shoes and only wear the same pair every other day. You should also make sure you put them on a shoe rack, or use cedar shoe blocks, to keep down on any moisture and odor that might be in the shoe. The leather on the inside of the shoe is not treated the same way as the outside, so you need to take a bit more care with it and make sure it dries.

When you are wearing anything of quality, such as clothes, jewelry, or shoes, you will walk taller and have more confidence. You will feel, and then be, more attractive. If you spend the time and money to make sure your shoes are the best, you will be ahead of most guys who just think that shoes are whatever you stick on your feet.