A company’s logo is often the first thing consumers picture when thinking about your brand. Here are 7 inspiring tips for designing a creative logo.

Did you know that it takes between 5 and 7 impressions for a consumer to recognize your logo? It only takes 10 seconds for the consumer to form a first impression of that same logo!

The importance of a great logo can’t be emphasized enough. A good logo gives you brand recognition and credibility.

Are you ready to design your logo?

Read further for some creative logo ideas to inspire you when designing your company logo.

Creative Logo

If you’re not a graphic designer, it’s a good idea to have a professional help you with your logo. A professional can come up with a creative logo, but it’s important for you to be a big part of the process too.

The designer has the know-how, but you know your brand.

Many things can ruin a website. Don’t let your logo be one of them!

Keep in mind that your logo will be on all your branded products.

With these seven tips, your customers will be admiring your logo and recognizing your brand in no time.

Make It Memorable

If you see a set of golden arches in the shape of a giant M set against a red background, chances are you’ll recognize the iconic McDonald’s logo.

The same holds true for the plain apple with a bite out of the side. You don’t need someone to tell you that’s the famous Apple products logo.

Think about what your company is known for. What types of images would be best associated with your product or service?

It’s great when the name of your company can be made into a picture of something, like using two Os to form a set of eyes.

If you have an animal in your company name, consider original art that presents the animal in a simple and unique way.

Many companies use a visual double entendre. A visual double entendre uses the same picture in two different ways. These are clever and that makes them memorable.

For instance, the Lion Bird logo uses a bird. But, the bird also forms the face of a lion. The logo is both clever and simple, which makes it memorable.

Keep It Simple

Part of being memorable is keeping your logo simple.

Think about a creative logo like Amazon’s. It’s the name of the brand with a smile underneath.

The smile denotes happiness. It’s also simple and clever since it extends from the A to the Z in the word Amazon. This implies that you can buy everything from A to Z at Amazon.com.

When designing a logo it’s important to think about colors too. Colors have implications, so you want the color to be consistent with your brand. Do you want a bright upbeat color like yellow? Do you need a serious color like black?

In Western cultures, the color blue indicates stability and reliability. In India, blue signifies strength and power. Think about the ideas you project based on the colors used.

Do some research to make sure the colors you use won’t insult or offend anyone in your target market.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your logo looks good in black and white. You might not always have the option for color in your collateral marketing products.

You should look at other logos in your industry. Make sure you come up with a unique design and make sure you don’t copy anyone else’s ideas.

Your logo gets used in many places including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, print banners and your website.

Appropriate for Your Target Audience

When it comes to marketing and branding, it’s important to understand your audience. You must know who’s buying your products or services.

Once you understand your audience, ensure that your logo reflects your customer’s tastes.

A travel company logo should imply travel so you reach your target audience of travelers. Incorporate an airplane or automobile image into the name of the company to give it a clever look that also implies travel.

If your target audience is predominantly environmentalists, use green and include something that implies your company cares about keeping the environment healthy.

Be Versatile

There are many ways to save money if you’re a small business. But, don’t skimp on your logo. Use a good designer and get your logo right the first time.

Make sure your logo is designed in vector format. Vector format means your logo will be scalable to any size.

Some designers will have you sign off on a black and white version of the logo before they put any color in the design. This way you see the composition and design elements first.

The more colors you use, the more expensive your print materials are. Think about where your logo will be used most, but make sure it’s adaptable to other forms of media.

Classic or Timeless

It’s important for your logo to stand the test of time. Will it be relevant in 20 years? Your brand identity is wrapped up in your logo. You don’t want to change it every few years because it’s gone out of style.

Think of brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Nike. Their logos have remained the same for years. With the exception of an update now and then, the logos never change.

Focus on Your Message

It’s helpful when designing your creative logo to answer a few questions:

  • What do I do? How do I do it?
  • Why am I here?
  • Who am I here for?
  • What’s my company personality?
  • What makes me unique or different?
  • What do I value the most?

Let the answers be your inspiration and guide to the best logo design for your company.

Avoid Fashionable Trends

Some trends are classic or timeless. Other trends imply a distinct time.

Similar to the world of fashion, certain logo designs remain relevant, while others go out of style and look dated. Stick with something timeless.

Avoid trends that pin you to a specific period. A creative logo that has to be redesigned every few years because it’s too trendy is costly.

Achieve Your Dreams!

A logo is one small part of achieving your dreams. Follow the above inspirational ideas to design a creative logo and get your company on the right track.

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