Small Business Tips: 4 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Website Right Now

Mistakes happen. They are an inevitable part of life and it’s from acknowledging and learning from them that we grow and improve. And that’s exactly what you need to do if you are currently making one of these website mistakes that are ruining your business. Check for them just in case and fix any issues right away.

4 Mistakes That Ruin Your Website and Business

1. Using the wrong kind of images (or not using them at all)

Using images on every part of your website is a must. Statistics that prove the efficiency of using visuals in your marketing strategy are more than convincing. For example, posts with images every 75-100 words generate double the shares on social media. On Tweeter, it would be +150% retweets and for Facebook the engagement rate will grow by 2.3 times (BuzzSumo).

You also need to know that people are 65% more likely to remember information they read when it comes with an image as opposed to plain text. It’s this particular fact you need to keep in mind when choosing pictures for your website as you want it to be memorable.

The trick here is that images act so effectively only when they are relevant.

This means that adding a bunch of pretty images of kittens/flowers/random abstract patterns won’t help your business make more of an impact. You need to choose all website images and design your company’s logo with your niche in mind. The people who visit your website must understand what your business is about just by glimpsing the images.

You’ll also need to have all images optimized for SEO. Here’ how you do it on Wix.

2. Using bad web hosting

No matter how beautifully and efficiently designed your website is, your customers will hate it when it crashes. Or if it doesn’t load fast enough, or if they get hacked because they ‘contacted’ some Trojan from your server.

All these issues, and many others, occur when you are using an unreliable web hosting service. Therefore, the fix is switching to a different host. If you are a small business, it’s understandable that you’ll be limited by your budget. But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for low quality. Instead look for deals and special offers. The majority of good hosts occasionally offer special discounts like the HostGator promotion that gives you 70% off on subscription.

3. Relying on images too much

Images boost the efficiently of your website, but many people take it too far by putting the bulk of their content onto the images. However, you need to understand that text on pictures is invisible for Google crawler bots that rank websites.

One of the most common website mistakes that can ruin your business is focusing too much on the visuals. If you want your pages to rank high, you have to fill them with at least come textual content optimized for SEO.

Keep this in mind if you are fond of posting infographics and videos. They definitely are extremely effective for customer conversion and prompting people to share your content. However, these posts must be interspersed with actual words and keywords.

4. Not caring about your 404 error page

404 error pages are annoying and definitely reduce the efficiency of your website. However, it’s a huge mistake not to use them as your opportunity to ‘make it up’ to your customers. You can’t prevent all fails completely, even when using top-quality hosting. Instead, you can reduce the negative reaction to this problem by designing an awesome 404 page.

Like this one:–page-design-error.jpg

Adding a bit of humor to it will help to mellow out your disgruntled customers. But the most important thing is adding a link back to your homepage. A contact for the customer support service