Which Types of Exercise Are Best for Weight Loss and Health?

It’s now a proven fact that exercise alone doesn’t make you lose weight, The Guardian lines up the evidence quite well. However, working out definitely helps boost your weight loss program based on diet and with an extra boost of supplements. It also plays an essential part in making you healthy.

Not all types of exercise are equally effective for both weight loss and health improvement. If you want to achieve the best results, you’ll need to focus on cardio and resistance training as they are best in changing body shape.

Why Cardio and Strength Training Are the Best Types of Exercises?

Aerobics, a type of cardio exercises, are the only type of workout scientifically proven to have a weight loss effect on their own. This type of intense training literally speeds up your metabolism and fat burning.

However, cardio doesn’t only boost your weight loss efforts. Its effects also benefit your heart greatly. Alongside it, this type of exercise improves the health of your entire circulatory system. Regular cardio is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, two of the deadliest conditions that take millions of lives every year.

Resistance training, on the other hand, doesn’t produce a notable weight loss effect. However, it should definitely be combined with aerobics for achieving the highest level of physiological benefits. This is what you can learn from the Current Sports Medicine Reports.

While it doesn’t lift your metabolic rate significantly, weight training is essential for developing and maintaining lean muscles. It also has such a potent bone-strengthening effect as well as many benefits for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure that one can consider it a medicine in itself. This is why resistance training is recommended to those suffering from or at risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

To achieve the maximum health and weight loss benefits with a combined cardio and resistance training routines, one should follow a well balanced diet. Your meal plans have to contain a lot of protein to help your body build up lean muscles. Supplements that contain nutritional as well as weight loss-boosting elements will be the best choice. For example, you can get natural metabolism-enhancers capsaicin and L-carnitine along with calcium and chromium for strengthening joints and bones from Phen diet pills.

Please note that it’s not only the types of exercises that matter for weight loss, but also the intensity of your workout. If you want to see any notable shape-changing effects, you have to push yourself. However, overworking can and will damage your body and might lead to serious injury.

That’s why high-intensity interval training is the best choice. These routines vary in intensity with a few minutes of maximum-load and 30-60 seconds of rest. If you are only a beginner, be sure to cut down on the intensity of standard workouts. Your body will need some time to get used to the workload, so pay attention to its signals.

What Are the Best Exercises for Weight Loss and Health Strengthening?

Following workout videos and lifting weights in the gym are effective, but can bore you quite easily. When you want to diversify your physical routine, you should use these exercises that will offer the same cardio and strength benefits:

  • It will have the added benefit of teaching you effective self-defense and give you amazing arms.
  • Get your workout in by riding a bike to and from work. This will also be good for the planet and your wallet. Not to mention you’ll get legs to die for.
  • Aside from shaping your upper body, swimming helps relieve stress and trains your lungs. It’s a low-impact exercise and will be safe for people with weakened joints or recovering from injuries.
  • No matter how fast you jog, you get a great cardio training.