5 Tips for moving your business

Moving your business can be as dauting a task as when moving home, so it is important to be well prepared. It is also very important to ensure that your business is back up and running right away or the running of it is not affected at all. It can of course be a time consuming and expensive process so here we cover some tips to take into account.


  • Charity

As you are likely upgrading the office space when moving, this could also be a good time to do the same with the equipment. Whether this be donating old phones, printers or even PC’S to charity. This is a good option instead of getting these moved over when you do not need them anymore.

  • Packing Early

Preparation is key when moving office, so if doing it yourself then it is important to get the sufficient moving boxes or equipment so as at PPS. A good tip is to always start packing items that are not used regularly first, as these are then likely to be the last that are unpacked.

  • Moving Company

Many people will look to hire a moving company as this will likely enable for the process to go a lot more smoothly and efficiently. This will likely need to be sorted months in advance, so it is good to look at getting this sorted right away once you are sure on the move. A good tip is to always get several quotes to ensure you are getting a good price, and always ask for proof of insurance.

  • Packaging correctly

Packaging your possessions correctly is one of the most important factors of when moving your business. You need to get the correct boxes to ensure your things do not get damaged on the move. Another important tip is to mark these boxes, so they are easily located once arriving at your new office. This will speed up the unpacking process no end, and could be done through a numbering system for example.

  • Insurance

The final tip to take into account is getting insurance. It is likely you will be moving a lot of expensive equipment such as computers, in which damage can be easily occurred. Therefore insuring you have the correct cover in place will ensure peace of mind and not the possibility of a vast amount of extra costs down the line following the move.